The Walking Dead: Adult Coloring Book in the future?


The Walking Dead began as a comic book. The comic book became the hit series on AMC. There are tons of action figures and other toys. Will the comic book now become an adult coloring book?

Adult coloring books are a big craze now. They are considered to be relaxing and stress-reducing. Any adult with kids knows this can be true. I taught high school for 29 years and I always put colorable clip art along the sides of my worksheets for students who needed a little something to do to relax when they finished early or while they listened.

I also used coloring pages of culturally relevant things (I taught Spanish 1), or vocabulary items whenever we had shortened schedules. You’d be surprised how quiet the room was on those days and how much chatting I was able to do to get to know my students as I wandered around the room on those days.

The Walking Dead comics issue #144 - Image and Skybound Entertainment
The Walking Dead comics issue #144 – Image and Skybound Entertainment /

So, on to The Walking Dead.  According to Bleeding Cool, Skybound and Image  Comics are planning to publish an adult coloring book of Walking Dead comics in May at $15.99.

It seems to Bleeding Cool and io9 that they will just take some of the black and white images directly from the comics and publish them as the adult coloring book since the comics are very black and white and greyscale already.

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I hope they do more than that.  In my opinion, to color and make coloring relaxing, the lines need to very simple and not shaded or have lots of things already filled in. But I could be mistaken. I do know that my students’ most varied and beautiful results came from some of the Aztec folk art designs that were very simple, or Day of the Dead designs that were simple.

I had a few coloring books that had very complicated Day of the Dead designs that didn’t get chosen as often and didn’t have the beautiful results.

I’d be interested in a coloring book of TV The Walking Dead scenes and characters as well. I think they’d be fun for families and friends at viewing parties before the show starts or during marathons.