The Walking Dead: Highlights of season 6 so far

Morgan Jones and Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones and Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Season 6 of The Walking Dead has been a wild ride up the hill of a roller coaster.

The second half will be the whoosh down the hill and the around the loop de loops before the season finale when we will get off the ride, buy another ticket and stand in line again.

Season 6 of The Walking Dead has had some intense moments, some funny moments and some great highlights. While we wait to see what happens in February when we return, let’s take a look at some reminders of all of the crazy things that have happened in order to  help us imagine, and perhaps fear, what’s yet to come!

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Season 6A Highlights:

Walker moments:

  • Skin scraped walker between the trucks
  • Cherokee rose walker
  • Insurance man walker trapped in the office
  • Intestines tangled tree walker who bit Carter
  • Huge herds
  • Dangle jaw walker

Funny moments:

  • Respecting the hair game
  • Father Gabriel getting shut down by Rick-twice
  • Tara flipping off Rick
  • Loose ends make my ass itch
  • Hams my biscuits is all
  • Carl and Ron’s push/slap fight

Funny but sad moments:

  • Abe screaming at the walker
  • Rosita being mean to Eugene
  • Eugene just being Eugene-you don’t want to be a coward
  • Deanna screaming
  • Carol shooting the tied up wolf
  • Tiptoe-ing through the tulips
  • Sam calling for his mom
  • Deanna being bitten-“Well shit!”

Sad moments:

  • Deanna’s death
  • Tabitha’s death
  • Enid’s necessity to eat a turtle
  • Mrs. Neudermeyer’s death
  • Erin’s (Carol’s recipe buddy) death
  • Nicholas’ death
  • Glenn’s almost death
  • David’s death
  • Annie’s death
  • Eastman’s death
  • Betsy’s suicide and Jessie’s kill
  • Heath realizing things are worse than he knew
  • Daryl losing his bike and bow

Badass moments: 

  • Michonne’s speech
  • Jessie’s scissors kill
  • Rick asking Carter if he knew who he was talking to
  • Mentioning of Negan out loud


  • Maggie’s pregnant
  • Morgan just won’t kill
  • Morgan body slamming Carol
  • Denise kissing Tara
  • Glenn, just everything about Glenn
  • Abe breaking out the mack daddy skills on Sasha
  • The tower falling

Next: Memorable walkers

I’m sure I missed some great moments, but I can’t put every moment or I’d just rewrite the entire season. Did I miss anything really huge?  We will have great moments coming up in the second half of the season to be sure. Great funny moments, badass moments, sad moments, walker moments and surprising moments are sure to happen each Sunday night starting on Valentine’s day.