Norman Reedus: Don’t call The Walking Dead star an artist

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead - AMC
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Norman Reedus recently spoke about the inspiration for his artwork in relation to motorcycles, his personal experience and AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus is of the most recognizable people on television. Not only has he been a part of AMC’s massively popular zombie survival drama for 6 seasons now, but he also has a rabid following of fans that are hungry to take a bite out of anything that the charismatic star has to offer.

In 2013, Reedus released a book of photography titled The Sun Is Coming Up…Like a Big Bald Head and has had other pieces of artwork on display all over the United States. His unconventional photographs and exhibits have made his artistic side one of the most interesting parts of who he is.

Norman Reedus recently spoke with about how much influence AMC’s The Walking Dead has on his art shows and his book.

"“I know there are some Walking Dead-esque photos in my show and in my book, but they were shot for something else, for Sony. As the show’s gotten larger, there are people who are trying to ruin the show for everyone by revealing spoilers, so security has amped up quite a bit. Cameras on set are frowned upon nowadays. Every set on that show could be in The Louvre. Everything on that show is very inspiring from the props to the actors.”"

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It is disappointing that the fear of spoilers getting out is keeping Norman Reedus from being more active with artwork based on or inspired by The Walking Dead. However, it would be difficult to experience what these actors have been through on the set in Georgia not get absorbed into the minds and daily life.

And while he loves photography and the beauty contained in artwork, there is one word that he really doesn’t like being called: an artist.

"“I hate when people call themselves artists. It’s such a weird thing to say. I don’t like to categorize myself as this or that. There’s art all over the place, and those who get it, get it.”"

There is beauty all around us, and creating or appreciating that is something that every human being should be able to do. When taking a look at The Sun Is Coming Up…Like a Big Bald Head, it is easy to see that Norman Reedus can enjoy the simple things in life and find the beauty in them, which is something sorely missing in much of today’s society.