The Walking Dead: An idea for a third series

Michael Raymond-James as Dave, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Michael Raymond-James as Dave, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

The Walking Dead has one companion series already in Fear the Walking Dead. I have an idea for a second companion series that builds on some existing ideas.

When we think of what a new companion series might be, we think maybe another location or another time period with a whole new set of characters. But maybe there’s another option that’s already been explored. I’m sure I’m not the first to have this idea, but I’m writing it down.

One of our commenters, Hershel’s zombie head, mentioned that he’d love to see the early days of the Dixons, how Andrea and Amy met Dale, how Glenn met T-Dogg, or the early days on the Greene farm.

That could be a great option for  companion series. They could show different stories every week or 2-3 week mini stories addressing things from The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead. Dave and Tony. The Governor! Milton! Martinez! Shumpert! Axel! Oscar! Tomás! Big Tiny! Andrew! The Vatos! Daniel and Griselda Salazar!

Kimberly, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Kimberly, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

We could find out about the back stories of the walkers. We could learn more about Susan and Kimberly. We could learn more about the guy trapped in the insurance office before Sasha and Abraham arrived or the lone walker in the field that Shane watched.

We could find out how that walker ended up in the well. How did that old man get his insides tangled up with that tree. How did that herd get into the quarry. The possibilities are endless!

The Walking Dead loves to play with time. It might be fun to watch and try to figure out where this story were watching is going to land and intersect with our stories and our survivors.

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We could find out where the Morales family ended up. Where was that family on the bridge coming from or where did they go after Daryl and Merle saved them? How about the young couple that gave the bullet to Morgan?

Since it would only be mini-movies or mini stories, they wouldn’t have to worry about creating an entire series around certain characters or one location. And we’d never have walker withdrawals! We could have the 52 weeks a year zombie dream! Heck, take a few Sundays off. We’ll take 40 or 45 weeks of rotters!