Fear The Walking Dead: What’s next for Nick in season 2?

Nick under the bridge Scene from Episode 1 of Fear the Walking DeadImage Credit: Screencapped.net - Raina
Nick under the bridge Scene from Episode 1 of Fear the Walking DeadImage Credit: Screencapped.net - Raina /

Season two of Fear The Walking Dead is start to start on AMC in April, but what is in store for the most popular character on the series, Nick Clark?

It is an exciting time for AMC’s zombie survival drama companion series Fear The Walking Dead. After a record-breaking first season, it was recently announced that the second season would kick off with 15 episodes to continue telling the story of the Clark and Manawa family as they survive the zombie apocalypse.

One of the most popular characters on the show is the son of Madison, Nick Clark. Frank Dillane, the actor who plays him, has charisma and mannerisms that makes many fans of the series compare him to Johnny Depp during his younger years. However, Nick’s addiction makes him a somewhat difficult character to completely embrace, as he does some terrible things to fuel his love of narcotics.

With the series shifting the scene to the sea, Nick will have trouble feeding his addiction. Perhaps this will be the chance he needs to get learn how to life free of his hard drugs and become a better contributor to the family. While there’s also the chance that he will continue to seek and abuse drugs, finding and using the substances could prove to be difficult with the lack of privacy and resources on the boat.

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The most interesting part of life on the water will be how Nick survives on a boat with all of his family members. Many families have a hard time visiting their loved ones for the holidays or spending a weekend with them, so being trapped on a boat with the people who know you best could be a blessing or a curse for the young man.

Seeing how he interacts with Victor Strand could also be a major catalyst for season 2, as Strand was the individual who rescued him from a facility at the end of season one. Could Nick feel an obligation to strand for his actions, or will he look up the unique stranger for how he lives his life?

The relationship between Nick and Travis Manawa might be paramount to season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead. Travis was slow in adapting to the undead monsters around him, but Nick’s addiction kept him sidelined and oblivious to much of what was going on around him. The two could form a fairly strong union together if they can continue to evolve to the dangers around them.

We’ll know a lot more about Nick  Clark and how he’ll survive the undead apocalypse when AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead returns for season 2 on April 10, 2016.