My The Walking Dead Family

Stephen Vining
Stephen Vining /

People use the expression The Walking Dead Family. I have a Walking Dead family and it has done unbelievable things for me, many of which have nothing to do with the show. Especially in this last year.

I love the word family for all of the actors, crew, producers and fans of The Walking Dead.  It mirrors the use of the word family on the show for people from many different places who have come together and become family.

My The Walking Dead family includes the people from the show in the sense that they are what bring us together, not because I know them; my Twitter and Facebook friends, the people from Undead Walking’s social media, since I do the tweeting and posting; and my fellow writers at Undead Walking.

I’ve met some of the actors who play the walkers through Facebook and Twitter. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some of my articles and my Tweets noticed by some of the cast and producers.

The person who introduced me to The Walking Dead is someone from a Facebook Fibromyalgia group. He told me I had to watch it. He said if I watched the pilot and didn’t like it, he wouldn’t bother me about it again. Two weeks later I was caught up to the end of season 3A. Then I had to wait a month until February came for Suicide King!

Some things my The Walking Dead family has done for me begin with this blog. I never imagined being a blogger. I loved commenting on this blog with Adam last year at this time. When he asked me to join them, I hesitated. I didn’t think I had thick enough skin to be a blogger.

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People can be really mean to bloggers in that section at the end called “comments”. I don’t mind if people disagree with me, but I don’t like to have people be mean to me. Well, people have been nothing but kind. Any negative comments have been about difference of opinion, not what I said or how I said it. Nobody has called me an idiot.

I’ve been able to express myself and my thoughts about The Walking Dead and it’s been a fantastic hobby for me as I’ve started my retirement from teaching. People worry about being bored in retirement. Not me. I have my TWD Family. It’s also perfect for a person with Fibromyalgia. Sometimes I can write on the couch in my pajamas or at a restaurant or on my balcony in the summer.

Our writers have a Facebook group where we discuss articles we want to write and talk to each other. We get into fun discussions about The Walking Dead! But we also share some things from our regular lives. I can ask them for advice and we can share happy things that have happened to us.

Pop Abe and puppy.
Pop Abe and puppy. /

Just recently one of my favorite walkers, Stephen Vining,  posted his first book that he read in 2016 on Twitter. That gave me just the extra push I needed to get back to reading novels and get back to yoga. I started reading a novel and I found a yoga studio near my house. I took my first class yesterday.

My Twitter family loves my The Walking Dead action figures and Pops and I’m one of many who post pictures of them in fun situations where they help me bake or play in the snow.

It’s nice to be able to post non-Walking Dead pictures from time to time on Twitter as well, as TWD family shares holidays and other things, just like a regular family. Fireworks on the 4th of July or swimming at a pool. Celebrating the New Year or Thanksgiving or going to the movies.

So while The Walking Dead is the basis of The Walking Dead family, family is really the important word. Who is in your TWD family other than the cast and crew? Do they provide things for you that are not related to the show?