The Walking Dead’s Lennie James to star in Double Play

Morgan Jones. The Walking Dead. AMC
Morgan Jones. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Lennie James may be known as Morgan Jones, but he has been cast as Chamon in the film Double Play, which is directed by The Walking Dead’s Ernest Dickerson.

Fans of The Walking Dead know Lennie James as Morgan Jones, but his upcoming role in the film Double Play could be a huge chance for James to show off his amazing acting skills on the big screen.

Directed by Ernest Dickerson, who has directed 11 episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the film will tell the story of an uprise on the island of Curaco through the eyes of a dominoes game. While it doesn’t sound like a very action packed film, the movie will be based on the acclaimed novel by Frank Martinus Arion which has garnered a four star rating on

Here is a synopsis of Double Play from the website:

"Double Play book cover, Frank Martinus Arion – Faber & Faber“The novel, set during the 1970s, evokes themes of colonial unrest on the Caribbean island of Curacao during the tumultuous transition from Dutch colonial rule to autonomous self-governance. Over the course of a game of dominoes that lasts an entire day, the fates of four men are revealed through a journey of love, loss and deadly betrayal, while political, social and sexual rivalries are provoked.”"

The promise of tales of power and sexuality should be enough to make this film an interesting option for movie goers. According to James, the story will tell multiple stories at once and focus on the sexuality and gender issues.

"“Regardless of what’s going on with the woman and what’s gong on with the men, it’s a story in which sex is used as a viable commodity and that’s done by both the men and the women.”"

Double Play is currently in filming. More information regarding the film starring The Walking Dead‘s Lennie James and directed by Ernest Dickerson will be available as the project comes closer to completion.