Fear the Walking Dead: Why are we obsessed with Nick’s old man clothes? [Poll]

Nick Clark, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Nick Clark, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

On Fear the Walking Dead, Nick Clark is still wearing the same old man clothes he took from his hospital roommate. What is it about his clothing choice that bugs so many of us?

When we first met Nick in the church on Fear the Walking Dead, he was wearing his own clothes, jeans and a blousy, unbuttoned white shirt, à la Vampire Lestat. When he needed to make a quick getaway from the hospital, he hijacked the clothes of the old man in the bed next to him.

He wore those clothes for a seemingly inordinate amount of time. Viewers wondered when he would change out of those ill-fitting clothes into something more age appropriate.

Nick, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Nick, Fear The Walking Dead – AMC /

Then we saw Nick in the pool. Surely, he would put on some of Travis’ clothes or maybe he had some of his own clothes at his mom’s house. There had to be something for him to wear But it was not to be. There was Nick in that jacket again.

Now they are at Strand’s house and headed out to sea. Strand seems a bit on the taller side to Nick, but who knows, the closer may hook Nick up with some threads or swag or gear or whatever the Los Angeles hip, closer people call it.

Now to the question. Why does his retro clothing bother us so much? Is it because it doesn’t fit? Is it because it’s ugly? Is it because it doesn’t match his age? Is it because it would smell? Is it the weirdness of Nick being attached to clothes that belonged to an old man and not changing into his own clothes?

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Daryl wears the angel wings vest all the time. Rick wore his police uniform every day. I don’t notice what T shirts the women wear and when they change them. But The Walking Dead is further along and they don’t have the same opportunities to clean up and change as the crew in Los Angeles.

Let us know what you think it is that makes us so aware of Nick and his old man jacket and why we want him to ditch it! You can make 2 choices.

Why do you think he wears them? Is it his addiction? Is it familiarity? What do you think? The writers must have a reason for him wearing them.