Ross Marquand: We know you want to do Walking Dead impressions

Photo Credit: screen capture from The Walking Dead season 5 episode 10/AMC
Photo Credit: screen capture from The Walking Dead season 5 episode 10/AMC /

Most of us are aware now that Ross Marquand is an accomplished impressionist. We have not seen any impressions of any of his The Walking Dead costars though. C’mon, Ross, we know you wanna!

I believe I remember Ross telling Chris Hardwick that he didn’t do impressions of his costars. I think at that time he reasoned that he was new and he didn’t want people thinking he was studying them to impersonate them. I’m not sure if that was the reason, but I believe it was something like that.

So Hardwick on that show had him do a Matthew McConaughey impression as if he were at the welcome party trying to help calm Sasha and reassure her about being in Alexandria.

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Ross isn’t the newcomer anymore. I wonder if he’s even inadvertently practiced a voice of his costars or a voice of a character on The Walking Dead. Or if not a voice,  a mannerism or a walk.

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Come on Ross, we know you want to! It would be a great thing to see at a panel at a Comic-Con! I wonder if any of the other cast members have any impressions of each other? They don’t even have to be Ross Marquand-quality impressions.

It would be hilarious to see and hear the stars to different voices and mannerisms of their costars and even of the characters. I’d love to see Eugene impressions or Rick voices and walks. I’m sure lots of them could do great “Who’s Deanna?”s!

Share your gift Ross! Teach your friends how to do some impressions and you can judge the impression contest at the next Comic-con . Maybe do a Walker lean competition!