The Walking Dead: AMC reveals some new teaser panels on social media

6 b promo image. The Walking Dead. AMC
6 b promo image. The Walking Dead. AMC /

AMC has released some teaser panels on Instagram for season 6B of The Walking Dead, sharing them on Twitter and Facebook, and promising more panels tomorrow.

Some fascinating panel-type promo images for season 6B of The Walking Dead have been shared by AMC on their Instagram today, as well as Twitter and Facebook, with the promise of the final panels tomorrow.

We have 6 panels so far. Two of them come together to create Rick’s face without the suture band aids. One with an RV. One with Morgan on a horse. One just with the premiere date of February 14th and one very mysterious panel.

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Morgan on a horse is very interesting. That leads to tons of speculation! Hopefully, it at least means he survives the herd for a little while. I don’t think he’d find a horse in the midst of the herd chaos.

I don’t know what to make of the mysterious panel. Some commenters think it’s Negan’s place. My abstract mind thought it looked like the bottom of a hiking boot. I see now that it doesn’t. But it did for a moment. It then looked like a stadium or some kind of alien space ship.

We get the final panels tomorrow! I don’t know if that means just more panels or panels that will add meaning to these panels. Of course, it doesn’t matter. We love everything we get!