The Walking Dead: Breaking down promo images with spoilers

The Walking Dead promotional poster - AMC The Walking Dead Instagram
The Walking Dead promotional poster - AMC The Walking Dead Instagram /

Here is a breakdown of the new teaser images for The Walking Dead’s sixth season with some spoilers included to get ready for the second half of season 6.

With one month to go before AMC’s hit zombie survival drama The Walking Dead returns to television, fans are getting anxious to find out what is going to happen with their favorite characters and discover what twists and turns the program has in store for viewers during the second half of season 6.

The Walking Dead took to Instagram recently to show off some new images to tease and intrigue fans and keep folks talking about the hit show while it is on break. Some of the images give away more than others, but overall they’re all very interesting to dissect.

Here’s a look at the images with some help of spoilers from the comic book series.


The Walking Dead promotional poster - AMC The Walking Dead Instagram
The Walking Dead promotional poster – AMC The Walking Dead Instagram /

Here is a look at the smaller images and what they mean.

  • First Top Pic:  This image is Carol’s hand holding a rosary. This image was also shared on instagram by The Walking Dead’s Tom Payne, who will play the role of Jesus when The Walking Dead returns.
  • Second Top Pic: This is an enhanced photo of the smoke from the image of Rick and Michonne looking at smoke from Alexandria in the distance. It could be a play on the cover of issue #93 of The Walking Dead‘s comics, titled “A Larger World: Part One”.
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    Third Top Pic:

    The hand of zombie Deanna is shown here with Michonne’s hand on her shoulder. This means that Deanna likely didn’t save a bullet for herself when talking out the walkers in the Anderson family home and ended up turning.

  • Fourth Top Pic: It’s Morgan on a horse. Nothing too mysterious about this, but we can already assume that this horse might not be around on the show too long because of the bad luck of animals.
  • Fifth Top Pic: A satellite dish is shown here. No, they don’t get HBO to watch Game of Thrones, but it is part of what could be the Hilltop Colony in the comic books.
  • First Bottom Pic: Rick’s bandages are off. Although his scars don’t match up too well with the placement of the bandages from earlier in the season, it’s good to show that time is passing and wounds do heal.
  • Second Bottom Pic: A couple of walkers are handcuffed together. Not much else is known about these walkers or the significance of the handcuffs.
  • Third Bottom Pic: This is Carl Grimes and Jessie Anderson holding hands as they walk through the group of walkers.
  • Fourth Right Pic: Gotta love the RV’s. This time, it’s shown to let fans know that the vehicle will be headed to the Hilltop Colony and meet some new survivors.
  • What do you think? Do any of these images get you excited for the return of The Walking Dead on February 14, 2016 for the second half of season 6? Or do you feel they aren’t quite enough to make things interesting? Ah, heck…who are we fooling? I know I’ll be tuning in for episode 9 of The Walking Dead‘s sixth season on Valentine’s Day and I can’t wait to get back to discussing new episodes with everyone.