Flight 462: Who will join the Fear the Walking Dead cast? [Video and poll]

people in a plane, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, AMC
people in a plane, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, AMC /

Watch all 8 clips of Flight 462 so far. See what’s happened. See what you think will happen in the next 8 episodes and make a guess as to who you think will join the Fear the Walking Dead cast in season 2.

You may or may not be aware of Flight 462. The 45 second clips aired during a commercial break in each episode of The Walking Dead during season six in the fall. I missed quite a few of them. I don’t pay attention during the commercials.

If AMC does something like this in the future, I would suggest, in hindsight, of course, a few other options. Show the clips during Talking Dead instead of during a commercial break. Or divide the whole into 4 pieces and show it as an after credits scene on 4 specially chosen episodes. I was much more interested when I watched the 6 minutes 39 seconds put together.

Let’s look at what we have.  One boy who got on board stand-by so his mom is back at the airport in whatever city they are departing, Miss Knitter is next to him. Miss Army Jacket who seems to know something sits in front of them and slaps the boys phone shut. She also notices the sickness, discovers the bite and suggests tying down Mr. Puking because he’s bitten and infected and gonna turn into the zombie on a plane.

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We have the puker’s wife. The flight attendant and a U.S. air marshall, who is very unaware of the impending apocalypse.  We also have a sleeping man next to the puker, and other passengers who didn’t play a major role these 8 episodes, but may wake up and be major players.

We have about 7 more minutes remaining on Flight 462. Do you think Mr. Puker will bite anyone? How about our landing in Los Angeles?  Do you think we’ll land before the lights go out in LAX? Will we have a smooth landing or a fun crash landing? And finally, which of our passengers or crew members will join our Fear cast and perhaps take a boat ride after this plane ride?

P.S. There is still time for AMC to run the entire Flight 462 on Talking Dead or as an after credits scene for Fear the Walking Dead, perhaps during a Fear marathon before season 2, which premieres on April 10,  2016.