The Walking Dead and Invincible add-on available on #IDARB

#IDARB logo - Other Ocean
#IDARB logo - Other Ocean /

Skybound Entertainment’s properties The Walking Dead and Invincible are now available as an add-on in the popular video game #IDARB.

The Walking Dead is one of the hottest properties in the world. You can find the logo plastered on just about anything you can imagine, with characters from the show popping up in some of the most unexpected places.

Recently, it was announced that the popular Other Ocean video game series #IDARB would be making an add-on with not just Invincible but The Walking Dead. Available on January 15, 2016, the add-on will cost $2.99 and include both sets.

Other Ocean director of development and #IDARB creator Mike Mika offered the following statement according to

"“We’re very excited to be partnered with Skybound for this DLC offering. Drawing from the rich universes of The Walking Dead and Invincible enabled us to bring unique and exiting experiences to #IDARB. We think fans of both comics and the game are really going to enjoy this.”"

Meanwhile, Skybound Interactive President Dan Murray also expressed his excitement about the partnership.

"“We are thrilled to expand #IDARB arenas with Invincible and Walking Dead content. This is our first step into esports and we look forward to working with the team for many seasons to come!”"

Check out this video of #IDARB gameplay including The Walking Dead add-on from Gameocide on YouTube:

The add-on is available on Xbox One as well as Windows gaming devices and contains the following:

  • Two all new arenas with unique play modes:
    • Beware walkers and other playfield hazards in The Walking Dead arena!
    • Take to the skies in The Invincible arena where heroic leaps make for epic battles!
  • Two exclusive new half-time minigames:
    • Fight for survival in “Halftimenstein” a First Person Shooting classic!
      In “Sky Knights” heroes go head-to-head as they joust for supremacy
  • All new The Walking Dead and Invincible teams and hashbombs!

If you’re a fan of #IDARB, Invincible, or The Walking Dead, this may be worth checking out. It is a unique game and the addition of those two properties could help make the game even more appealing to a casual audience.