The Walking Dead Webisodes We Need

Kevin Sizemore as Anthony, Michelle Ang as Charlie, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 -- AMC
Kevin Sizemore as Anthony, Michelle Ang as Charlie, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 -- AMC /

Am I alone in thinking we need more webisodes? Am I the only person who thinks there’s so much more of The Walking Dead universe that’s being left on the table?

Let’s face it: We just can’t get enough of The Walking Dead; we can’t, and the webisodes are delicious little bites of it, little side stories that give us another side of characters or things we thought we were familiar with, but learn we’ve only scratched the surface of, and, with AMC having compiled the first half of Flight 462, I think now is the perfect time for me to give suggestions on ideas for webisodes that I believe we sorely need! Let’s start with someone we all can’t get enough of…The Governor.

“Nine People In An Apartment”

David Morrissey as Philip "The Governor" Blake, The Walking Dead -- AMC
David Morrissey as Philip “The Governor” Blake, The Walking Dead — AMC /

During a rousing speech to the Woodburians, The Governor mentions how the community began as “Nine People In An Apartment”. Frankly, I’d think this would be interesting to see: Who were those nine people? How many of them were still alive by the time Andrea and Michonne got to Woodbury? What happened to them that forced them into that apartment? When did they find Merle? How long had The Governor been crazy? How long after the outbreak did they establish the community?

You see how this can go, can’t you? A webisode (Or set of webisodes) about the foundation of Woodbury could show us the beginning of The Governor’s descent into megalomania, the rescue of Merle, and his subsequent recovery, maybe even show The Governor’s arrival at Woodbury. The possibilities are tremendous.

“Last Man Standing”

Bob Stookey. The Walking Dead. AMC
Bob Stookey. The Walking Dead. AMC /

This is a story that is just begging to be told. Throughout season 4, we get little tidbits, through flashbacks and Bob’s own retelling, of his backstory, where he explains that he had already been part of not one, but two groups, both of which were completely destroyed by walkers, leaving Bob as the titular “Last Man Standing”. I find the idea of how this story would break down so easy that I seriously find myself wondering why it hasn’t been done already.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, you broke it into three parts, around ten minutes in length each (Like webisode three, The Oath), you could break it down like this: Episode One would follow Bob (Perhaps at the beginning of the outbreak) meeting his first group. The second episode could begin as the first group falls, ending with Bob joining his second group. The third and final episode could begin as his second group falls, ending with his flashback, being picked up by Glenn and Daryl on the road. This story practically writes itself. How it hasn’t been done already, I can’t understand. Get on it, AMC.

“An Important Mission”

Michael Cudlitz as Sgt. Abraham Ford, Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Michael Cudlitz as Sgt. Abraham Ford, Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter, The Walking Dead — AMC /

Here’s another story that is begging to be told: The story of Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita traveling from Houston to Atlanta. During season 5, we see and hear only a teensy bit of the story of the trio’s journey until they bumped into Tara and Glenn attempting to flee the ruins of the prison.

In “Self Help”, we witness Abraham’s first meeting with Eugene, saving him from a trio of walkers in Houston, ending with Eugene telling Abraham that he had an important mission, which, while untrue, ultimately saved Abraham’s life. Later, Rosita laments the loss of all those who died in the attempt to get Eugene as far they had: Warren, Dirk, Stephanie, Josephine, Rex, Pam, Josiah, and Roger.

I think it’d be great to see a series of webisodes showing not only all those former members of their group, but where, when, and how they lost all of them. I think it would be interesting to see more of Abraham as he was when we first met him: A man confident in his mission, happy to take on anyone he came across under the belief they were going to save the world from the zombie apocalypse.

What’s more, I want to see all those they lost along the way, I think it would give much more weight to not only Eugene’s lie, but also, his attempts to make amends. If we saw him, Abraham and Rosita being friends with these people, instead of them simply being names, we may come to appreciate Rosita and Abraham’s feelings of loss, and Eugene’s guilt. Besides, who doesn’t like Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita? No one, that’s who.

“The Fall and Rise of Terminus”

Owen Harn as The Crazy Man, The Walking Dead — AMC
Owen Harn as The Crazy Man, The Walking Dead — AMC /

Oooh…this might just be my favorite of all the ideas for a new The Walking Dead webisode that I’ve come up with. These webisodes would follow The Crazy Man’s Group’s arrival in Terminus, their overtaking of the community, the Termites revolt and eventual reconquista of Terminus, culminating with their decision to ultimately become cannibals, probably starting The Crazy Man’s Group.

This story intrigues me so much, because we would be watching, like some kind of Greek tragedy, the good people of Terminus’ slow descent into evil. We’d watch as the charismatic and peaceful leadership of Gareth morphed into one of deceit and violence.

Perhaps more than any villain in The Walking Dead, watching Gareth, to say nothing of the rest of the community, slowly morph into the charming monster we come to know would, in my opinion, serve as the perfect display of how the extremes of the zombie apocalypse can cause anyone, even good and peaceful people, to become monsters under the right (Or, in this case, wrong) circumstances. Who knows, we might even get to discover if there’s more to The Crazy Man’s Group than we know…

“Regime Change”

Luke Bryant as Capt. Hanson, Christine Woods as Lt. Dawn Lerner, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Luke Bryant as Capt. Hanson, Christine Woods as Lt. Dawn Lerner, The Walking Dead — AMC /

The final suggestion I have (Though, I can easily do more), is for a collection of webisodes that chronicles the events of Grady Memorial Hospital under the leadership of Officer Lerner’s mentor and superior officer, Captain Hanson.

The story could follow what happened to the hospital when Cobalt was enacted in Atlanta and have us follow Dawn, Dr. Edwards, Lamson, and the other cops under the direction of Captain Hanson, as he slowly descends into, what everyone at Grady seems to portray, as madness, sending the rest of the cops under his command on quixotic missions with disastrous results, or, perhaps, showing a different side to Hanson, showing that he wasn’t quite so out of touch as Officer Lerner and the others made him out to be, and, much like with Dawn, there was a much more political in-fighting that led to his downfall.

I think it would be interesting to see Atlanta during, essentially, Fear The Walking Dead, and showing how the cops and hospital staff dealt with (Or didn’t, in some cases) the chaos and horror unfolding around them. It would be especially pertinent considering, when we last left Fear The Walking Dead, Cobalt was about to be initiated on Los Angeles, this would be a good way to take us back to that time in the apocalypse in the place we the audience are most familiar with.

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What do you guys think? Would you like to see these as webisodes? Should we do something to try to get these ideas to the attention of AMC? Or, am I completely crazy, and that all of these ideas are total lunacy? Or, would you rather see different ideas for webisodes? Let me know!

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