Flight 462: Our readers chose Charlie or Jake to join Fear the Walking Dead cast

people in a plane, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, AMC
people in a plane, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462, AMC /

One of the passengers or crew members of Flight 463 will join Fear the Walking Dead in season 2. When we polled our readers 2 names landed at the top with the rest of the names not even in the running.

We still have 8 more 45-second segments to add to our six and a half-minute introduction to the events in the air on Flight 462, but we know we have an infected on board.

We also have a woman on board who seems to know a little bit about the infected. Her name is Charlie. She was very vigilant the entire time and even advised the flight attendant to tie down the infected man.

Charlie received 64% of the almost 400 votes. Our readers think Charlie will join our cast in Los Angeles in season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. Jake is the boy who is flying stand-by and had to leave his mom behind and his dad will be in Phoenix. The remaining readers (31%), save 5%, who didn’t pick Charlie, picked Jake.

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Those 2 characters do seem to be key players in the webisode. Either would be great additions to the cast. I’m wondering if our readers are correct or if it will be a different character. I keep thinking it will be the infected man’s wife because I’ve seen her as a character actor in so many things.

The next question is how will our Flight 462 character be introduced to the show? Share your thoughts in the comments. I wonder if the plane will crash into the ocean near Abigail. But I think we saw the plane during season 1. Maybe Jake or Charlie will meet up with Tobias?

I like Flight 462. What do you think? I think it will be fun to see a new character introduced this way.