The Walking Dead: A look back at Truth and Lies

Walking Dead Season 6: Rick Grimes and Morgan. New Photos Spell Uncertainty Image Credit: Frank Ockenfels
Walking Dead Season 6: Rick Grimes and Morgan. New Photos Spell Uncertainty Image Credit: Frank Ockenfels /

Back in New York’s Madison Square Garden at the fan premiere of season 6 of The Walking Dead, some of the cast was asked to tell 2 truths and a lie. Let’s look back and see if we can figure out if there were any truths.

I made some guesses back then. Some of the actors seemed to be telling all lies or all truths. But now that we’ve seen the first half of season 6, which is probably about all they’d filmed at the time, maybe we can make some better guesses and have a little more fun figuring out what they were talking about back then.

Watch the video and read along with my guesses. Use the pause button! I made some guesses before that I think we’re right and I’ve made some observations now on what I think they were likely referring to when they told their truths.

E! Video:

I guessed that Gale Anne Hurd was lying about finding out about what caused the apocalypse. I still go with that. I guessed that Spencer will not become the next Andrew Lincoln. I hold on that guess.  Greg Nicotero made it easy. I stand firm that his lie was that zombies are now vampires. But, if his other two are truths, I can’t wait for the musical number!

I guessed that Carol makes a meatloaf. I was wrong on that. I think she was referring to what she made during the Wolf attack. She also changes clothes during the Wolf attack.  I guess Daryl taking a shower is just not something we’re going to see.

Olivia’s are still unknown and maybe all lies. I know she’s been in the supply house a lot, but she already knew where her chocolate was. She may get a boyfriend if she survives this big mess. I don’t know about her prosciutto potential of getting that boar leg right now.

Ross Marquand has done blue man group. Everyone literally can’t die so I wonder when the cookie bake-off is? Maybe he’s talking about a fun cast cookie exchange?

Abraham Ford and Sasha Williams, The Walking Dead - AMC
Abraham Ford and Sasha Williams, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Sneaky Sonequa Martin-Green told 3 truths! A relationship could be brewing? We saw that with old loose-ends Abraham. More death? Check. Smiles can happen again? Sasha has certainly started smiling again and started healing and dealing with her PTSD.

Okay, Josh. We haven’t seen your first human kill yet. Someone in Rick’s group dies. That’s still possible. And cookies, cookies, cookies. So your guess is as good as mine on which one or more is his lie.

Danai is another truth teller. All three of hers are certain to happen. “Zombies will die. People will run. People will embrace.” No, Danai, not so boring!  Andrew Lincoln lied, I believe about losing his hand. I’m sticking with that.

Sneaky Steven Yeun told one lie and one truth using the same sentence twice. Now we understand.  I bet it was fun for him to do that. We saw somebody die and we saw somebody die. It sounded like he just ran out of ideas. But we know we saw him die is a lie and then we saw him die is a truth. It’s very “don’t think about it too hard” or it won’t make sense.

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Lennie James’ statements scare me the most. He’s usually the most cryptic and I don’t think there are 3 or 4 frontal nudity scenes so that’s my guess for the lie. But you never know. Morgan cooking is possible. So I’m afraid of the culling of the cast.

Norman Reedus’ and Christian Serratos’ were still pretty easy and their truths didn’t reveal anything major. We haven’t seen the big pasta fest yet. Maybe Morgan will cook that?

Did you remember this video from back then? Was it fun to watch again? Did you get any insights that I missed?