Ellen scares Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan. Ellen Degeneres. EllenTV.Com
Lauren Cohan. Ellen Degeneres. EllenTV.Com /

Ellen Degeneres scared Lauren Cohan while she was on her show promoting her new movie The Boy.

Lauren Cohan, Maggie Greene of AMC’SThe Walking Dead, visited Ellen DeGeneres today on the Ellen show to promote her new movie The Boy. Ellen is famous for enjoying pranks and scaring her friends and guests.

Lauren even thought Ellen might try to scare her and tried to be prepared for it. But you can’t really prepare yourself for being startled, can you?  Not from the looks of this video.

Lauren first talked about where she was from and how she was really happy to be on the show even though she didn’t do a full dance party on her entrance.

She’s actually from New Jersey! That was an interesting tidbit that came out of this interview. Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham Ford, is also from New Jersey, which I learned recently in his Q&A at the Mohegan Sun Casino.

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Her mom is from England and her dad is American and they moved to England when Lauren was thirteen. She does lots of back and forth now and, obviously, has an accent from her mother and from her time in England.

Ellen asked Lauren about her new movie  The Boy. The Boy is a psychological/supernatural thriller about a woman running away from her past who becomes a nanny for an older couple who deals with the trauma of losing their 8-year-old son by treating a doll like their child.

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There is a list of rules she must follow, but when she ignores them she discovers the dolls is actually alive. (Via Wikipedia) When Ellen asked Lauren which was scarier the boy or zombies, Lauren started to explain how The Boy is psychological and…

That’s when the Phantom of the Opera type scary guy came leaping out of the table next to Lauren. She was, understandably, startled and then laughed it off letting us know she’s a scaredy cat. At least she didn’t get angry and still looked adorable even frightened.

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The Boy opens in theaters on Friday. Lauren attended a premiere tonight. She tweeted a picture of herself on the way.

Are you going to see The Boy? It’s great to see so many of our The Walking Dead cast doing such great things! This is a big role. Congratulations, Lauren. Sorry you got scared by Ellen, but The Boy looks pretty scary, too.