The Walking Dead: A blizzard and the zombie apocalypse

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

There’s a blizzard on the east coast. Is it the coming zombie apocalypse? I’ve always thought that blizzards have something in common with The Walking Dead.

When there’s a big blizzard. Not just a snow, but a monster blizzard, things happen that remind me of what would happen in a zombie apocalypse. I mean, a hypothetical zombie apocalypse, of course.

It’s one reason I think the idea of The Walking Dead is appealing. In a big blizzard, nature tells us she’s in charge and she gives us a break from our regularly scheduled activities. Things close that never close. Dentist appointments are even canceled.

People work together and talk to each other that normally would walk right by each other without a word. While the weather keeps folks in for the most part, many are out in situations together when they usually would not be “exposed” for chatting and therefore end up socializing in a way uncommon to us in normal societal functioning.

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Kids wave and laugh while sledding or building snowmen. Adults chat while scraping or brushing off their cars in parking lots or shoveling driveways or sidewalks. People wish each other extra safety in the slippery conditions.

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There’s a single focus of an entire community. The focus is the blizzard–surviving the blizzard and sharing our stories of survival. Did we brave it. Did we watch it from the window with a cup of cocoa and check our friends’ stories on Facebook.

In The Walking Dead, it’s this same type of group focus on the same event, but long-term. The story on the news, if they still had news, would be the same every night. The stories they would share on Facebook, if they still had Facebook, would be the same everyday.

The greetings and leave-takings when they saw friends stocking up on bread and milk and shoveling snow, would be the same–wishing people stay safe from those things!

If you’re in the blizzard on the east coast, please stay safe. Drive slowly. Brake early. Remember as Travis from Fear the Walking Dead said, “Nature always wins!”

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Think of the blizzard like a walker. It doesn’t mean to be cruel. It doesn’t know it’s causing trouble. Take on Lizzie’s philosophy. Maybe the blizzard just wants a friend.