The Walking Dead: Will Jesus be Alexandria’s Savior?


Negan and his Saviors are coming on The Walking Dead. Rick’s group has some strong people, but, if as Deanna said, they are all his people, Alexandria’s in trouble.

Negan, Negan, Negan. That’s all we hear about. I want to know more about Jesus.  I wrote a little bit about him already wondering if he’ll be a Michonne type character or Abraham.

I meant that he might be similar to both characters in that both were not immediately fully accepted into the group or trusted, but the audience knew that they likely would be eventually.

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We knew that they probably weren’t our enemies or evil foes. I have a feeling that’s how Jesus will be.

The way I phrased things, however, made it seem to readers that I was asking which one he would be more like Abe or Michonne.  I meant both.

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Someone with skills already, a little suspicious at first and then a friend and asset and ally. Maybe even family.

You may already know, I’m a non-comic reader, so I like to do our blog’s opinions and predictions from a show-only perspective.  I know there are people out there who have comic insight already.

Oh! By the way, I completely stole the title idea from Adam. We were discussing titles and I was trying to avoid any offensive Jesus jokes and he tossed out that killer title!

I really can’t wait to meet Jesus and find out more about this hilltop.  I don’t know if Gregory is related to Jesus’ community or if they are doing something with whomever these Whisperers are.

I wish I would like the Whisperers just because I like quiet.  And why does Enid have to be a Wolf? Couldn’t she be a Savior or a Hilltopper or a Whisperer?  (If anything.)

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P.S. If you are a comic reader, you don’t need to help me out by explaining. I appreciate it, but I won’t read it. You’re welcome to comment with a comic spoiler warning for others though.