The Walking Dead 609 gets international teaser trailer

Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC
Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC /

A new Dutch trailer for AMC’s The Walking Dead includes some new footage of episode 609, titled “No Way Out”, which airs on February 14, 2016.

With the season 6 midseason premiere of The Walking Dead a little over three weeks away, hype for episode 609 is reaching astronomical levels. The cliffhangers that fans were left with before the break has everyone on the edge of their seats, wondering what is next for the survivors.

Luckily, a new Dutch promo for episode 609, title “No Way Out” has been released and contains a couple new scenes that fans in North America haven’t seen yet. While much of the video is material that has been used in earlier teasers, the new scenes add some interesting, yet horrifying, details to what we already know about the episode.

Here is the promo for episode 609 of The Walking Dead from the YouTube account of carlost:

As you can see, there are a couple different pieces of footage here than we’ve seen in the past. Let’s take a quick look at what we have going on in this trailer:

The first scene is from the group at the Anderson house who are covered in zombie guts. We see looks of concern on the faces of Michonne, Carl Grimes, and Rick Grimes in slow motion and the group holding hands to prepare for their walk through the group of walkers in Alexandria.

Next, we see the biker gang that stopped Daryl Dixon, Sasha Williams, and Abraham Ford in the middle of the road. Just like in the clip we saw after the midseason finale, our group of survivors is told to hand over all their stuff and that it all belongs to Negan now. There are a couple more glances exchanged, but otherwise not much new there aside from Daryl handing over a pistol.

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Then, we get the rapid fire scenes. These include Rick and Michonne fighting in what looks to be the streets of Alexandria. Glenn is also seen running around shooting walkers and Maggie is still stranded on top of the lookout platform.

Perhaps the scariest moment of the trailer is Maggie Greene’s face when she must see something that absolutely horrifies her. Lauren Cohan is great at showing fear and horror through her expressions and I’m curious what her character saw to elicit that kind of response.

The most surprising moment of the trailer lasts just a moment. We see Carol Peletier and Morgan Jones running side-by-side down the street together. The two had just been through a bit of a brawl in the basement of a house in Alexandria, but it appears as though they’ll put their differences aside, at least temporarily, to deal with this crisis.

This trailer should make fans very nervous for the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead. It appears as though we’ll have a non-stop action filled episode when the show returns from its break.

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Don’t miss AMC’s The Walking Dead when new episodes return on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) of 2016 with episode 609, titled “No Way Out”