The Walking Dead: Why Ron is such a rat

Rick Grimes and Ron Anderson, The Walking Dead - AMC
Rick Grimes and Ron Anderson, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Ron Anderson is probably not on anyone’s favorite character on The Walking Dead list. But are there reasons behind Ron’s behavior? Probably.

I’m not a psychiatrist, but I think I can figure out some simple causes for Ron’s acting out and bad behavior on The Walking Dead. What I can without a doubt not do is predict his future behavior.

I don’t have any idea how he will respond to Sam not being quiet in the herd. I don’t know if he will try to hurt Carl or get back at Rick once things settle down after the big mess that’s happening now in Alexandria or if he will even throw a wrench into the proceedings as they are taking place.

He did precipitate some of these events now with his fight with Carl in the garage. And even though Carl didn’t tell on him and Carl let him know what time it was with the line about his dad being a jerk, I don’t know if that will help mend any fences with Carl and Ron.

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What I do think I know is that Ron was abused by his father and he watched his mother be abused by his father. And no matter how much that happens and how much you wish your father were out of the picture, you still love your father.

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I don’t think a teenage brain wants his father dead, it wants his father changed or fixed. And as a boy grows older he wants to protect his mom. It’s only natural that Ron resents Carl and Rick.

They were able to protect his mom and Enid and he couldn’t.  They protect themselves and he can’t. He wants to learn how to protect himself but resents that the people who can teach him are the ones who he should have been in the first place. He wishes he didn’t need them.

He needs them in order to get rid of them so he won’t need them. And by needing them, he might learn to like them and not be able to get rid of them. That confuses him as much as it confused me to write it and for you to read it.

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Ron and the abuse cycle is the human representation of the walkers and Carol’s confused abuse lessons revealed in her line to Sam. The abused become abusers. The bitten become biters. The only way to avoid becoming a monster is to kill.