The Walking Dead: Corey Hawkins to play lead in new ’24’

Heath. The Walking Dead - AMC
Heath. The Walking Dead - AMC /

Fox has cast Corey Hawkins, our Heath from The Walking Dead, and Dr. Dre from Straight Outta Compton, to star in the new ’24’ as Eric Carter.

The official description of 24’s new lead character describes Eric Carter as “Strong and smart, Eric came from a very rough background and turned his life around in the Army Rangers. Now back home in Virginia with his wife Nicole, he’s pulled back into action as his past comes looking for him.”  Carter will join forces with the Counter Terrorist Unit to try and prevent an attack on American soil.” (Via Entertainment Weekly)

Corey’s wife in the show has not been cast yet in the 12 episode series that may not be as “real-time” as the original. Corey has come from the highly acclaimed film about NWA and the hip-hop culture, playing Dr. Dre.

As far as we know Heath is still alive somewhere inside a home in Alexandria and we hope he makes it through the herd’s invasion and the Wolf as well as the coming threat of the Saviors and Negan. Only time will tell.

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24 was extremely popular, its return is sure to be welcomed by its fans and Corey Hawkins will bring with him some fans from Compton and from The Walking Dead.

Another 24/Walking Dead crossover connection is Xander Berkeley joining The Walking Dead from 24 as Gregory from the comics. We haven’t met Gregory yet, but will should meet him very soon.

It seems the cast of The Walking Dead is having much success outside of The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead is bringing in new cast with very successful backgrounds.

We wish all our The Walking Dead family great luck and are thrilled to see our family growing. Just 3 more weeks until we find out where Heath is and how he’s doing in Alexandria and how the rest of the family is surviving that disastrous herd and that hideous gang of Negan’s puppets.

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