The Walking Dead: Fan theories on Abe, Daryl and Sasha

Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead. AMC
Abraham Ford. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Abraham Ford, Sasha and Daryl Dixon were left in a precarious predicament when last we saw them on The Walking Dead. Their predicament has not improved from the commercials we’ve seen on AMC. What are some fan theories for our trio for February?

Our readers on Twitter and Facebook gave us some ideas about how our The Walking Dead pals might escape from Negan’s biker bums. A few theories don’t have good outcomes.

The worst theory, which was probably just to stir up trouble was from Twitter user “Maddie with a y” who suggested Abe and Sasha sacrifice Daryl in order for them to live. Is that what a troll is?

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Jesus, Dwight and the RPG are popular theories, although how and more specifics are very sketchy. People just think and hope those things somehow figure into the rescue or escape for our three friends.

People do have confidence in the group. It was mentioned that Abe is not afraid to use his big military weapon. No, not the uniform, the RPG.  Nobody mentioned the cigars, but maybe they will be a bartering tool?

He has 7 cigars left. I don’t remember exactly how many bikers there are, but if they are cigar aficionados maybe they wouldn’t mind sneaking in a cigar behind Negan’s back.

Our Facebook people had a little conversation among themselves.

Sara GeltmacherI think since Rick and them are leaving Alexandria, they’ll be walking through the woods and come to the area where Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham all are. Rick’s crazy ass (assisted by Michonne and Carl)will come out to mess up Negan’s men and save his “brother” (Daryl) and the rest of his “family.” (Sasha and Abraham)OR my other theory is that this will be when we’re introduced to Jesus. (As Enid saved Glenn, Jesus will save Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham)

Sara GeltmacherMy husband’s theory is they don’t escape and at least one of these three will get killed by Negan and that’s what will lead Rick and the rest of the crew to Negan’s crew.

Jennifer Willcoxon-Risman:  I think it’ll be Abraham.

Sara Geltmacher: Husband says Abraham too or Sasha.

Katie Rose: I def feel like this is the beginning of the Negan vs Rick feud, but I think our guys kill them and thats what pisses Negan off. However, if anyone dies it’ll be Abe.

Katie Rose:  I say they turn to grab their “stuff” and they both whip out some guns and start shooting lol…I think Daryl is distracting them, Abe still has the missile launcher, he could bust it out as a scare tactic for them to drop their weapons.

And I agree about Jesus though, maybe he pops up and helps them out, wondering where he will come in at.

Jennifer Willcoxon-Risman: One word….Daryl.

What do you think? Do you think they will escape? Will Negan’s men make it out alive? Will all three of our friends live? Will they escape on their own or will someone or something come in to help or maybe distract? Will they make it back to Alexandria or will Alexandria have to come and find them?

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