A Valentine’s day party for The Walking Dead midseason premiere

Cupcakes. Pixabay.
Cupcakes. Pixabay. /

This will be one Sunday you can have party for The Walking Dead that has some non-zombie decorations and treats, if you choose. Combine Valentine’s day with Walking Dead day!

A cake with pink frosting! You’ve got Valentine’s day and The Walking Dead covered right there! We have just about 2 weeks to get ready for the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead.  

If you are thinking of having a party with lots of guests,  just a few or even your own little party by yourself with your Twitter friends, let’s see what ideas we can share for our soirée.

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You can go with pink for Merle’s pink frosting and a softer, friendly feel, or red for blood and true Valentine’s day romantic/gory vibe. Your choice. White and/or black can be mixed in to change the feel of those colors.

If you like balloons, there are a few balloon tricks from Pinterest that keep things inexpensive. Instead of needing helium, hang balloons upside down from the ceiling! It can make a great effect. Google it or look on Pinterest, there are tons of pictures.

You can also make balloon focal points. Gather balloons in one corner vertically in the room rather than scattering them. Or gather them along the edge of the TV screen or above your snack area. You can also string them like garland by tying them to a long ribbon at the knots or literally stringing them with a needle.

Hearts. Pixabay.
Hearts. Pixabay. /

Cut out hearts from construction paper and put scrambled The Walking Dead related words on them instead of “conversation” messages. Or put trivia questions on them. Scatter them all over end tables. If you can tape things on walls and doors, that’s an option, too.

Frame the bathroom mirror with hearts with quotes from The Walking Dead. Give each guest a paper with the alphabet on it. See if they can come up with Walking Dead related words beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Create a deck of cards with every day words and objects related to The Walking Dead such as horse, knife, pudding, prison, cop, shovel, cookie, tank, etc. Play charades, pictionary or hangman with your cards.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a great time at a zombie party. Of course, I don’t need to tell you about all the great food ideas and costumes and elaborate things you could do. I wanted to touch on the simple things that might not have occurred to you.

Check your dollar stores and party stores for inexpensive Valentine’s day favors and decorations. Use strings of white lights from the holidays.

If you have other simple ideas, please share. If you’re one of our social media pals, please join us on our group date on February 14th and post pictures. I’ll be home in my pajamas eating cupcakes with pink frosting!