The Walking Dead: young actresses encourage blood donation

Enid, The Walking Dead - AMC
Enid, The Walking Dead - AMC /

AMC’s The Walking Dead might be a bloody, gory show at times, but two young actresses from the show know how valuable blood can be to those in need.

Seeing sprays or pools of blood when watching AMC’s zombie survival drama The Walking Dead is nothing out of the ordinary. Between the slaying of zombies and killing of humans, there is often a lot of the red fluid flowing every Sunday.

While fans may be desensitized to seeing the blood going everywhere, two young actresses from The Walking Dead have learned to realize how valuable it can be. Madison Mintz (who played Sophia) and Katelyn Nacon (Enid) will be visiting a blood bank in Pittsburgh this weekend to help promote a blood drive for the Central Blood Bank.

According to The Times website, Madison Lintz encourages anyone able to give blood to do so, as it can be instrumental in many life-and-death medical situations.

"“Blood drives are so, so, so important,” Lintz said. “People don’t realize they can do something so simple that can really save somebody else’s life.”"

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To further help push the blood drive, the two The Walking Dead actresses will be giving out autographs on Saturday during a meet-and-greet for those individuals who gave blood throughout the week. The turnout is expected to be good for the event, as Lintz praised the devotion that Pittsburgh showed to the cause.

"“From my experiences being there, people from Pittsburgh are so devoted to the show and such avid fans and so nice and kind,” Lintz said."

It is always great to see celebrities using their notoriety for a good cause. When it is a younger person, it is even more of a good thing. Not only is it an opportunity to promote a good cause, but it is also a chance to meet fans who might not otherwise be able to.

"“I’ve never met a whole bunch of Pittsburgh fans, so this will be a really cool experience,” Nacon said.  “I can’t wait to see them.”"

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For more information on how to meet Nacon and Lintz during the Pittsburgh blood drive promotion, contact the Central Blood Bank in the Edgetowne Square at 1-866-366-6771. You can also find where to find your local blood donation center by visiting the American Red Cross website to find drives going on in your area.