Fear the Walking Dead’s Cliff Curtis is Jesus in ‘Risen”

Cliff Curtis. Jesus. Risen. YouTube
Cliff Curtis. Jesus. Risen. YouTube /

Cliff Curtis, known as Travis Manawa to Fear the Walking Dead fans, plays Jesus in the new Bible film Risen scheduled for release in theaters in mid-February.

The Walking Dead returns to our television screens to finish season 6  on February 14th and Fear the Walking Dead returns to start its second season on April 10th.

In the last several weeks news of The Walking Dead family becoming involved with other projects has been exploding. Cliff Curtis is the latest in the long line of projects we’ve covered.

Risen is a Bible film from a new perspective. “Risen takes the point of view of Clavius, a skeptical Roman commander serving under the rule of Pontius Pilate. In Risen, Clavius (played by Fiennes) begrudgingly investigates the disappearance of Jesus’ corpse, hoping to root out answers, only to uncover more questions.” (Via Christian Broadcasting Network)

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Curtis grew up in a religious home and always thought he’d make a good Jesus. “I was a devout Catholic as a child and I was an altar boy and served mass and I did the whole thing and had the crucifix next to my bed, everything. So when I became an actor and the question would arise, ‘What roles do you want to play?’ I’d say, ‘Jesus’, and it had become a running joke.” (Via Scout)

Cliff Curtis used some dramatic and purposeful methods to help him as he prepared for his role as Jesus and while filming. He lived alone on the island of Malta for a month, limiting communication with his family and spending much of his time in silence.

“There was a cleansing process because I talk a lot and often a lot of nonsense unnecessarily, and certainly not divine!”

“I didn’t speak to anybody and I spent a lot of time in meditation and silence and would sit for hours alone.”

Congratulations to Cliff Curtis and all of The Walking Dead family for their success with projects outside of The Walking Dead. We’ll see you in theaters in February and on Abigail in April.