The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon meets Lizzie in this art form

Lizzie. Mouse. The Walking Dead. AMC
Lizzie. Mouse. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Fans of The Walking Dead are extremely creative in their admiration for the show through cosplay, crafts, drawing, painting, quilting, and other forms of artistic expression.

I have to say, this is one of the most unusual art forms I’ve seen to date. Taxidermy mice versions of The Walking Dead characters. Unlike Lizzie, Rachael Garcia does not collect the mice herself to feed to the walkers, she buys them from a reptile food supply company.

“They come to me frozen just like chicken from the grocery store. I personally think that being made into a cute Walking Dead character was better than being eaten by a snake.” (Via CNET)

Daryl Dixon Taxidermy Mouse Rachael Garcia.
Daryl Dixon Taxidermy Mouse Rachael Garcia. /

Rachael sells her The Walking Dead mice in her Etsy store. She has Daryl Dixon, Michonne and her pets,  Merle and Bunny Slipper Girl. She is hoping to expand her collection.

“I plan to make more walking dead mice when I get a chance. I would love to make more scenes with multiple characters in them. The newest season has had so many great scenes it is hard to choose which one to do next.” (Via CNET)

The one of a kind pieces sell for $60, except for Michonne who is $75, including the 2 extras. Each is “stuffed with love” and wears handmade clothing.

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Daryl wears a tiny vest, sports wispy hair and comes with a tiny crossbow. Michonne is hooded with her katana and chained pets. Merle has a cute little green army jacket and his knife hand. Little Girl Walker wears her bloody pink robe, carries her teddy bear and even has her walker mouth.

When I first saw these mice, I laughed. Really hard. But the more I look at them, they are kinda cute. I don’t how in the world the idea would come to you, but it obviously did come to her.

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She even admits they aren’t for everyone, but there are people who love them. They wouldn’t be good for Lizzie because these mice are dead and the walkers need live food.

Now for the confusing question. Are these cuties walkers themselves? They are kind of undead. The artist is bringing them back to life.