The Walking Dead: AMC App offers first 4 minutes Wednesday

Daryl. Promo. The Walking Dead. AMC
Daryl. Promo. The Walking Dead. AMC /

AMC has decided to offer fans a way to see the first 4 minutes of Sunday’s hugely anticipated The Walking Dead midseason premiere.

Fans of The Walking Dead have been suffering Walker Withdrawals since Thanksgiving of 2015. AMC feels their pain. They have been providing fans with posters, marathons, commercials and now, for the fans that just can’t take it any longer, a way to watch the first 4 minutes online starting tomorrow.

If you download the AMC app from iTunes or Google Playstore, you can see the first 4 minutes of the midseason premiere without waiting until Sunday and waiting to hear those great words, “Previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead.”

We saw the prologue to episode 9 at the end of episode 8 last November. Daryl, Abraham and Sasha were stopped by Negan’s men and asked to turn over their weapons.

The commercials we’ve seen have shown that we will pick things up from where we left off. Abraham, Daryl and Sasha are still trying to understand who these people are and what they mean for them.

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Sam was calling for his mom while they were making their way to the armory. There were many loose ends left in the midseason finale. Denise is still held captive by the Wolf. Glenn and Enid just made it back. Maggie is on the lookout area. Many of the group are in houses hiding.

Deanna was bitten and taking out walkers to make her last stand. There were walkers strolling everywhere in Alexandria. Half of the herd had escaped and made it to Alexandria from the quarry.

Download the app through the link here, if you just can’t wait any longer to get a little fix of The Walking Dead to hold you over until Sunday. If you do watch it, discuss with each other here.

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I might wait for Sunday to watch it all at once. If I watch the first little bit, I will be so excited, I could possibly burst if I have to wait again until Sunday.

Enjoy the clip if you watch. And thank you, AMC, for all the extra things you do for the fans that make the show even more fun and exciting.