The Walking Dead: Imagined Gains and Losses

Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC
Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC /
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AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead is full of loss. Characters, even major beloved characters, die regularly in the tale of survival in the zombie apocalypse.

The Governor, The Walking Dead - AMC
The Governor, The Walking Dead – AMC /

As fans, we often speculate and imagine what the show would be like if certain characters hadn’t died or if we could bring them back. We also fear the day may come when our favorite character is the next to die. Imagined gains and losses.

Adam and I from Undead Walking imagined which character we’d like to see in Alexandria and talked about which character we don’t want to die. Nir tried to choose a character to bring back to Alexandria, but decided it wouldn’t work as well as it seems.


Realistically no one. Regardless of attachments it would hurt the integrity of The Walking Dead. Sure, realism will aways clash on some level for a show in essence about zombies. However, we’ve become accustomed to rules in that universe, ones similar to our own. Even the hint of supernatural in one particular scene of Fear the Walking Dead was pushing it. As much as I’d like to say bring back The Governor and Merle… I know they can only return in flashbacks or prequels similar to the film [Spoiler Warning] Saw [/End Spoiler] in many ways.

If they were to return, I’d think it would be interesting to see them team up with the group to face a new common enemy in Negan. Letting the chains of the comic universe loosen up a bit would surprise viewers as well. Hardcore fans couldn’t spoil years worth of storyline by reading the comic. Personally, wish I never heard of the upcoming villain of the show, but it’s an inevitability in today’s social media climate.

There are many characters I’d like to see return, but once they’ve been written off in a graphic manner. It’s too late. Recently we witnessed Glenn miraculously return, and something about it just felt a little off. The Walking Dead has prided itself on realism for so long, it felt like a Hollywood moment. Something you’d see in a superhero movie. Anticlimactic. That’s why these decisions have to be made in advance and thought out to the last second regardless of fan bloodlust. It’s much easier to write a character off the show for a quick attention grabber than to write them back in.

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