The Walking Dead: Imagined Gains and Losses

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Susie says Tyreese

There are many characters that we’ve lost along the way that I miss very much, but Tyreese would be the character I would like to see in Alexandria.

Tyreese has a history with Carol and knows what she has been through to bring her to where she is with her willingness to kill. He has had to forgive Carol for her choices with Karen and David. He has had to be grateful to Carol for being able to do things he could not do.

Lizzie almost killed Judith. Martin almost killed Judith. Carol’s actions saved the group so they could make their way to Alexandria. It wasn’t Tyreese’s fault that Beth made the impulsive move she made causing her accidental death, but Tyreese certainly felt some guilt for the ramifications of Martin, Beth, and Gareth.

Tyreese stuck to his deep gut feelings though even when it wasn’t popular. Even when Carol was frustrated with him. Even when his sister was frustrated with him. Even when the hallucinations of The Governor and Martin told him otherwise.

Tyreese might be an interesting addition to Alexandria in that he might be able to help Morgan and Carol understand each other better. He might be able to heal himself through the rest they were able to get in Alexandria for a bit.

Morgan needs someone who understands him a little bit or at least will listen to him, yet who can help him understand where the group has been without being aggressive about it. Tyreese would be a great person to talk to Morgan without simply verbally attacking him.

Plus Tyreese could babysit Judith a little and give Carol time to be bad ass Carol when she needs to be. Tyreese could be very helpful building things, repairing the wall, and using his strength for things other than zombie killing. He never liked the killing.

Zombies are people brought back to life after death. Alas, we can’t bring characters back to life after death even in a zombie show.

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