The Walking Dead: Imagined Gains and Losses

Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC
Glenn Rhee, The Walking Dead - AMC /
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There are many great characters on The Walking Dead. Many of them are essential to the story on AMC’s zombie drama and others are just along for the ride. Although the popular characters like Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne and others would have very sad fan bases if they were to be killed off, there are others that might have as big of an impact without being as prominent.

Imagining an undead apocalypse without Eugene Porter is absolutely no fun. He brings a unique sense of humor and valuable skill set to the survivors in Alexandria. Sure, he needs a lot of help when it comes to combat, but he has shown on a couple of occasions that he can come through in the clutch when others need his help.

Don’t forget about the mullet as well. A well maintained Tennessee top-hat is worth tuning in to AMC each and ever week to see. When thinking of survivors in a zombie apocalypse, one of the last individuals that is likely to be imagined is someone like Eugene, who has survived to this point by using his brain, his ability to deceive, and relying on the kindness of others.

Fans should riot if AMC decides to kill Eugene off on The Walking Dead. Having a one-of-a-kind character like him helps bring out a bit of the comic book and video game nerd that wonders how they would fare in the middle of the apocalypse. Eugene should be a hero for those fans, as the example of how to be a great character without kicking butt on a regular basis.

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