Previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead: Start to Finish

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Sunday night The Walking Dead returns after being gone since before Thanksgiving. As a reminder, here’s what happened previously on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Tiptoe through the tulips

Tiptoe through the tulips playing on an old record player. A half-eaten cookie on a plate covered in ants. Ants crawling down a windowsill.  That was the opening of the midseason finale.

The creepy opening symbolizing the walkers invading Alexandria like little ants covering the cookie and just strolling around seeking food. Thousands of them. You can step on a whole bunch and a whole bunch still remain.

Loose ends

The tower had fallen and the survivors scattered finding places to hide and seek temporary safety. Maggie made it up on a scaffoldy lookout. Tara, Rosita and Eugene made it to the garage of a home. We don’t know for sure where Aaron, Heath, Eric Tobin and Olivia are. Glenn and Enid climbed a tree to see into Alexandria. These are just some of the loose ends of many we hope to start tying up on Sunday. The midseason finale was full of loose ends. Full of things unfinished.

Sam and Carol

Denise had been helping Morgan with the Wolf and Carol was suspicious about it so she asked Jessie to look after Judith while she investigated. Sam was still up in his room drawing the little fairy tale that Carol had told him back in the armory when he caught her stealing guns.

Sam Anderson's drawing, The Walking Dead - AMC
Sam Anderson’s drawing, The Walking Dead – AMC /

Sam had experienced the terror of his father, and Carol gave him some strength, but the walkers pushed him inward and upward into his room. He withdrew into his room to hide the way he locked himself in the closet as his mother told him when his father was drunk and mean.

But when he was locked in the closet, he was able to wait and come out when it was safe. Here the walkers, like the ants, were coming in. He would be forced to come out before it was safe and as we saw, he didn’t know how to do that.

The Wolf

Carol tricked Morgan into finding the Wolf. Morgan tried to delay the confrontation, but Carol wanted to deal with the threat immediately. Morgan, not having enough Eastman training, tried to defend himself and not allow Carol to kill him to get to the wolf, but in doing so took Carol to the floor.

Things got messy and the Wolf got free and took Denise captive. Tara, Eugene and Rosita found them and gave up their weapons much too easily. So we have the Wolf with Denise as another loose end. Carol and Morgan as one more loose end.

Jessie’s house

Rick and Deanna ran to Jessie’s house. Michonne, Father Gabriel, Carl, Judith and Ron were the ones who ended up there. Deanna was injured on the way, but her bloody side was revealed to be a bite. Deanna calmly accepted her fate as we did at home. Our “oh, no” was translated by Deanna as. “Well, sh#_.”

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Deanna spent the time she had left trying to make Rick understand that all of the people of Alexandria are his people and helping Michonne see her full potential. Eventually, Deanna went out taking as many walkers as she could instead of using the bullets on herself.

Jealous Ron tried to kill Carl and in his clumsiness broke a window in the garage bringing in the walkers and forcing the group to make a plan to leave the house and try to get to the armory. Mature Carl didn’t tattle on Ron, but took his gun and let him know that he understood why he resented him.

Rick let them know about an old school plan to walk among the walkers by using rotter camouflage. Father Gabriel promised to follow through. Time being short, they didn’t prep poor Sam enough and our last loose end came as the gang slowly made their way through the roamers. “Mom.”


Sasha, Abe and Daryl get flagged down and stopped by a motorcycle gang who tell them they need to get out of the truck and inform them that everything they have, all their property, now belongs to Negan. Chills.

Happy Valentine’s Day

You should be ready for the Valentine’s Day premiere now. Most likely you’ll watch the finale again right before the premiere. If so, now you’ll have all the events fresh in your mind and you can look deeper for more layers of understanding. The Walking Dead can always be dissected further with every viewing.

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If you can’t catch the finale before you watch the new episode,  hopefully, this recap will help your enjoyment of the new episode by bridging the two together as they are sure to be like one long episode. Whatever the case, the second half of season 6 is finally here!