The Walking Dead: Watching with Walkers

The Graveyard Tavern
The Graveyard Tavern /

Where were you when you watched the Valentine’s day midseason premiere of The Walking Dead? I was at The Graveyard Tavern in Atlanta with Walkers!

Yep. I usually watch The Walking Dead from my apartment on my couch with a blanket in comfy clothes. The season 6 Valentine’s day midseason premiere was a special episode and I had special plans.

A few walkers hosted a viewing party with trivia and raffles at The Graveyard Tavern for about 200 people. The Graveyard is a warm, cozy place with  leather couches, table lamps, wooden chairs and booths, and heavy maroon drapes hanging from the ceiling.

Raffle proceeds were donated to a local The Walking Dead fan with MS. There was a Trivia contest prior to the show. I started very strong in Round 1, but Round 2 took my cockiness down a peg or two. First, second and third place teams took home some very nifty The Walking Dead prizes.

I met a few of my social media walker pals, Chris Harrelson, Matt Nelson, Ben Bladon, and Coleman Youmans. I met Missy Massey and I believe Katie Lumpkin was there.

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Then came the best part of the night-the show. No talking during the show was the rule. But reactions were apparently allowed, thankfully. The opening scene was so amazing and thrilling. I anticipated the biker changing his mind about killing them, but I did not expect the Daryl save with the explosion.

Whoops and laughter and cheers. Fists in the air. Hands over mouths. It was so cool to be with so many people. Chris Harrelson called a raffle number during each commercial break. I could hardly check my ticket because I was still decompressing from the scenes I just witnessed.

Matt Nelson and his friends sat with me. Matt sort of new what was happening since he was there when it filmed, but was having fun seeing it on screen and not having to keep secrets anymore.

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A usually reserved in public me, yelled with glee at Father Gabriel’s mini speech and cheered and threw my fists in the air on several occasions. I yelled for Eric when he got out there!

If you normally watch The Walking Dead in a small group or by yourself, you might consider a big group viewing party some time. The energy is electric.