The Walking Dead: Carol and Morgan two sides same coin

Morgan Jones and Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones and Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC /
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On The Walking Dead Carol Peletier and Morgan Jones seem to be complete opposites in philosophy, but when you look more closely, the two have quite a bit in common.

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead — AMC /


Carol is badass and gets things done. She seems to have it all figured out. But does she? She says she does what she does because she doesn’t want anyone else to die. She’s on a mission.

She has become quite focused. She’s much like Abraham was when he had his mission. And like Abraham, sometimes the mission became so much the focus that the purpose of the mission got lost. The what becomes more important than the why.

Carol told Morgan that he does what he does for himself not for the group. Then she hesitated. Was she realizing that she does what she does for herself, too? Was she recalling the subconscious reasons for her mission?

Carol lost her daughter. Carol emerged from the abuse of Ed to become who she was underneath. Then she wanted to save people. But that’s a tall order. Killing Karen and David didn’t work to save the prison.

She had blamed Rick for not saving Sophia when she was right there. Then she lost Mika when she was right there. So she made up for that by saving Terminus. None of this saving was filling her soul.

She confessed to Daryl that she didn’t think you could save people anymore. They couldn’t save Beth. Then they lost Tyreese. But here comes Alexandria. A whole new opportunity to try to save people again. A new opportunity to fill that hole in her heart.

Carol was so focused on the mission and getting guns that she told Sam that horrific zombie fairy tale that got stuck in his head before she and San became friends.

Carol does what she does for herself, too. She’s trying to survive. She’s trying to block out her losses so she can move on in the new world. She’s trying not to become a monster by killing and helping. But is she becoming a monster all the same? Is she clearing just like Morgan used to do?

Morgan cleared as a way to get rid of the evil still here and because he was still here and those he loved were gone. Sounds exactly like what Carol is doing. Is clearing such a bad thing? It can be great unless you become suicidal and loco like Morgan. Carol may be headed that way if she isolates herself.

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