The Walking Dead: Carol and Morgan two sides same coin

Morgan Jones and Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC
Morgan Jones and Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead - AMC /
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Morgan Jones. The Walking Dead. AMC
Morgan Jones. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Morgan used to clear just like Carol seems to be doing now. They both wanted to get rid of the evil that is left to help people survive because they couldn’t help their own spouses and children survive even though they were right next to them.

Morgan got to an extreme and suicidal stage in his clearing because he was alone for so long. Perhaps that would have happened to Carol if she would have stayed banished. Perhaps it will happen to Carol in the future if she doesn’t address her emotions and how the killing and her losses are affecting her. We started to see this on the porch after she took out the wolves.

Morgan has been saved in a sense by Eastman. His training process was cut short by the bite Eastman suffered. Eastman knew that Morgan needed people. But Morgan really hasn’t had a chance to have people because as soon as he arrived in Alexandria the plan for the herd was executed.

So everything people know about Morgan has been antagonistic. People don’t know the fun Morgan or the nice Morgan. They just know the extreme pacifist Morgan. Even the audience has turned on Morgan.

Carol said he’s doing everything for himself. He really is. He’s trying not to return to crazy Morgan again. He’s trying to pay back his mentor for saving him. He’s trying to save people now by using the Eastman method.

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He has a mission. Like Abraham that makes him very focused on the mission. Morgan, Abraham and Carol need to remember the purpose of the mission sometimes instead of the mission.

The purpose of the mission is to help people. To save people. To save yourself. To survive. Remembering the purpose sometimes isn’t even far enough. Why is that the purpose? If we know why we’re doing things, sometimes it changes our actions.

Why do you want to save people and survive? Because you respect and love people and have compassion. Because you have the deep desire to live. Because you have hope for a new world. Whatever the reasons, you have to find them.

If your reasons aren’t strong enough your actions won’t match. They’ll be robotic. You won’t listen to people. Abraham’s mission was so large, to save the world, that he forgot to look at the people of the world in front of him. Carol’s mission blinded her to poor Sam. Morgan’s mission blinded him to Carol’s safety.

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Carol and Morgan are as similar as they are different. Carol told Morgan that he was doing this for himself. Morgan told Carol she didn’t like the killing. Both of those things apply to both people. They could really help each other if they were open enough to become friends and listen to each other.

Maybe on a calm day in Alexandria they can have some cookies and talk about Sophia and Duane and Eastman and Lizzie and Mika. I hope so.