The Walking Dead: Chandler Riggs talks Carl and Rick

Carl Grimes, Jessie, Sam, and Ron Anderson - The Walking Dead - AMC
Carl Grimes, Jessie, Sam, and Ron Anderson - The Walking Dead - AMC /

Chandler Riggs talks about how the events from the midseason premiere will affect Carl and the strong relationship between Carl Grimes and Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead.

Carl Grimes is no longer a kid on The Walking Dead. He’s a regular character on the show. He has passed the stage of resenting his father for possibly leaving him alone by dying on him after the fall of the prison.

He understands events from a more mature perspective now with more compassion and less simplicity. Carl has learned from many teachers in the group along the way, He has a strong extended family.

The Hollywood Reporter chatted with Chandler about Carl’s most recent experiences and how they might change Carl and affect his perspective on Rick and Alexandria. Chandler had some interesting and mature responses about the character he portrays.

Chandler is looking forward to a more hardened Carl, but doesn’t anticipate a bitter or resentful Carl. He thinks Carl will be proud of his father and of the town.

Carl Grimes. The walking Dead. AMC
Carl Grimes. The walking Dead. AMC /

"The transition from a boy into a man was more in season four when Rick mentioned that Carl was a man at that point. His childhood ended there but hopefully the cool Carl will emerge from losing his eye and be really exciting. It makes him a lot harder and ruthless. My character is always so much more fun to play when that happens.I don’t think Carl will blame Rick. It was more Ron’s fault than anything and he’s dead. There’s not much vengeance he has against anyone. If anything, he thanks his dad because he was the one that saved the community and gave them the courage to fight and kill all of the walkers. He looks up to him and has a lot more respect for him.He’ll be proud of the community — it’s what the entire group has wanted for so long. The entire second half of last season and the first half of season six was about trying to get these people to realize what it’s like outside the world and they need to fight and learn how to kill walkers and need to know how to survive. And they proved that they can do that in this episode."

Chandler sounds pretty perceptive. I’m looking forward to Carl growing up even more through the struggle that this will bring for him. Because Ron is dead there is no vengeance as he stated so there is no Governor wanting Michonne type thing to come from this. Carl can grow in a better way,

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Carl’s story can lead to a Bob’s good from the bad game rather than a devolving eroding Governor story. Carl’s injury was the spark that lit the fire under Alexandria’s stand and the beginning of the new Alexandria. Carl is still alive to fight and live with his dad, with Michonne, with his sister and the extended family they’ve created in this crazy new world.

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