Fear the Walking Dead: Cast chooses 5 things you need [bonus feature]

Fear the Walking Dead special edition cover.
Fear the Walking Dead special edition cover. /

The Fear the Walking Dead cast members chose 5 things they would take with them at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse for this bonus content clip on the special edition of the DVD.

A special edition of the DVD and Blu-ray of the complete first season of Fear the Walking Dead, the very successful companion series to The Walking Dead, set in Los Angeles at the very beginning of the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, will hit the stores on March 22nd.

The special edition will include bonus content, including deleted scenes, original featurettes, and commentary on every episode. Anchor Bay has kindly provided us with some of the bonus content ahead of the March 22nd release.

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Anchor Bay has also provided Undead Walking with an advanced copy of the Blu-ray for review and 2 copies for a giveaway. Look for Adam’s review and information on the giveaway as the release date approaches. Anchor Bay has been extremely generous to us with advanced copies and giveaways for The Walking Dead!

This latest bonus content is a featurette with the cast on set casually answering the question, “What 5 things would you need to survive in the apocalypse?”

The answers are fun and off the top of the head. It’s an interesting question. When you think about it, most of the stuff you bring really isn’t going to last very long. You’d have to scavenge for new things as time passed. So, the silly answers aren’t really that silly, they are comforts at the beginning.

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Colman Domingo wasn’t in the clip so I reached out to the closer, Victor Strand, on Twitter to see what his 5 things might be. He chose a mix of comfort, hygiene, safety, and spirit: A Goorin Bros hat, binoculars, dental floss, memory foam pillow, Stevie Wonder’s Inner Visions album.

Binoculars would be on my list, too. It’s an item I’ve noticed that the survivors on the show have used quite often. Dental floss might be smart for double duty-it could be used as string, too.

When I interviewed Lincoln A. Castellanos, aka Tobias, I asked him a similar question. His answer was a photo album of his family. Tobias and Carl Grimes would get along!

The actors in the clip mention these some of these things: pocket knife, toothbrush,  water, avocado and toast, flame thrower, uplifting music, can of tuna, clean underwear, family,  machete, and cans of pork and beans.

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There were some other quite clever and unexpected answers. Take a look at the clip to see who said what and hear a few more ideas for what might come in handy in the event of a real apocalypse.