The Walking Dead causes neighbors to call the police

Ron Anderson - The Walking Dead, AMC
Ron Anderson - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The Walking Dead can be a crazy show, with gunshots, violence, screaming, and shocking moments. Sadly, those sounds can be mistaken for real-life problems.

It’s good to have concerned neighbors. When things go bad, you know you have people who will get you help if you need it. However, there are times that the people living next door might misinterpret things and get you help when you don’t actually need it. And that was the case on Sunday night.

According to an article on the ABC News Website, the Great Falls, Montana police were called to a home by a concerned neighbor concerning a report of someone having a gun and there being loud noises. It turns out that there wasn’t a scuffle or any kind of problems going on, it was just a people watching AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead.

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The members of the police department showed up, and observed the situation before going into the home. What they saw was a television and people getting emotional over some of the intense moments of The Walking Dead‘s season 6 midseason premiere.

"“We heard someone screaming from a blue house about someone having a gun,” Sergeant Jim Wells of the Great Falls Police Department told ABC News today. “Basically we show up we can see a TV on inside and people talking.”"

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For the people inside the house enjoying their show, it is likely that they didn’t even realize their home was surrounded by police officers. In fact, Sgt. Brian McGraw explained that they had quite a few officers on hand to deal with this potential situation.

"“We had a whole bunch of guys on that one.”"

Although having the police on hand wasn’t necessary in this instance, it is good to know that the officers of Great Falls, Montana Police Department are on the ball and show up quickly and in big numbers to respond to situations that may have been dangerous.

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The Walking Dead will return with their tenth episode of season 6 on February 21, 2016 with an episode titled “The Next World.” Hopefully, the neighbors who called the police during last week’s episode now understand that gunfire and screams around 9/8c on Sunday nights don’t necessarily mean things are bad, but that a highly dramatic and emotional episode of AMC’s zombie survival drama is being enjoyed.