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Heath and Aaron. The Walking Dead. AMC
Heath and Aaron. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Did you miss the premiere of The Walking Dead? Or do you just want to watch it again and again? AMC will let you watch it online with no login required until June 2, 2016.

Usually you can watch online, but only with a login from your cable or dish provider. Every once in a while AMC offers the opportunity to watch a show online with no login required. This is one of those times!

When Fear the Walking Dead premiered, the first episode was available with no login and I remember a few other occasions, Today the site says 105 days remaining, so if my online calendar calculator is correct, that means you have until June 2nd to watch the midseason premiere of season 6 as many times as you’d like for free even if you don’t have AMC at home.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if international viewers will have that same opportunity. Often there are regional restrictions when international viewers try to see clips from the AMC site.

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It’s actually the same way for US viewers when we try to look at clips on the Fox International site. I’ve tried to see what they have and I can’t because I get regional restriction messages. So I understand your frustration. The struggle is real!

The episode was amazing start to finish. If you haven’t seen it yet and have been able to avoid spoilers. Run to your tablet or laptop or smart TV and watch it now!

If you haven’t seen it but it’s been spoiled, you can walk, but do it! It is unbelievable.  You will love it. You will be shocked and amazed and exhilarated.

If you’ve seen it, you already know what I’m talking about, but if you don’t have On Demand or a DVR, you just got a present from AMC!

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