The Walking Dead: What’s next for Alexandria? [SPOILERS]

Walkers in Alexandria - The Walking Dead, AMC
Walkers in Alexandria - The Walking Dead, AMC /

What is next for AMC’s The Walking Dead now that the people of Alexandria have defended their home and lost some members of the community along the way?

Cleaning up Alexandria is going to take a lot of work. There are seemingly hundreds of walker corpses on the streets of the community and the wall will need rebuilding. The group will have to discuss the loss of three survivors during the insanity, All in all, it’s going to take a lot of effort and quite a bit of time to get back to normal.

But can things ever be normal again on The Walking Dead? Will Rick Grimes want Alexandria to go back to the way things were before the zombies took over the streets of their town? or will he focus on taking the community in a different direction from what it was like before hand?

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For an idea of what AMC may have in mind for next week’s episode, the pages of Image and Skybound’s The Walking Dead comic book series can provide insight into the general direction that the show will be heading in. Keep in mind, that events from the comics could be spoilers from the AMC show, so continue reading at your own risk.


The events of Sunday’s season 6 midseason premiere of The Walking Dead took place during issue #84 of the comic book series. Issue #85 hits the ground hard and reality sets in for the survivors about their current situation.

Here are some key points that happen in the comic books which may be a part of The Walking Dead when they show the events of Alexandria:

Glenn finds the zombie version of Jessie while everyone is cleaning up the massive amount of bodies. He hesitates to kill her, but Abraham puts a bullet in her head, lamenting that he has to do everything.

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Rick tells Denise about what happened with the Anderson family. She breaks down in tears and Rick makes her promise not to tell anyone the story.

Spencer hits on Andrea (who will likely be Sasha on the show).

Rosita confronts Abraham about his exploits with Holly. (which will probably be changed to him hitting on Sasha). Rosita moves out of their home after Abraham apologizes for hurting her, but not for his actions.

Finally embracing the “safety in numbers” approach, Rick gathers everyone and they put together ideas for making Alexandria safer and more self-reliant. Included in this is Aaron no longer going on recruiting runs and Heath looking for more bodies for supply runs.

Carl heals up well enough to cough at the end of the issue, giving more hope that he will survive the wound and make a recovery, despite losing an eye.

Keep in mind that the teasers for episode 610 of The Walking Dead seem to focus on a supply run involving Rick and Daryl to find gardening supplies and crops to plant. So, it is likely that several of these event may not happen until later in the season or not at all, since the show and the comics do have some major differences.

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Episode 610 of The Walking Dead is titled “The Next World” and will air on Sunday, February, 21, 2016. It will be interesting to watch the fallout from what happened on the streets of Alexandria as well as how the people of the community will react to banding together to take the town back, but getting a taste of an interesting supply run featuring two of the most popular characters on the show isn’t too shabby either.