The Walking Dead: What is going on with Deanna Monroe?

Deanna Monroe - The Walking Dead, AMC
Deanna Monroe - The Walking Dead, AMC /

When Deanna Monroe was last seen on AMC’s The Walking Dead, she was in a terrible position, but what happened to her after the season 6 midseason finale?

AMC is definitely a tease. Every time they released a new teaser image while The Walking Dead was on break, there was new information and ideas about what could be happening next on the hit zombie survival drama.

One of the biggest unanswered questions involves the former leader of Alexandria, Deanna Monroe. On her deathbed after being bitten by a walker and falling on a saw blade, she gave an emotional speech to Rick Grimes, making him the new leader of the community. However, Deanna wasn’t dead yet.

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In the closing moments of the season 6 midseason finale, she took her pistol and took out several walkers in the hallway of the Anderson household. She let out a loud yell as they came closer, but after that, nothing was known of what happened to her.

It is likely that there is some resolution to her situation. Whether it is just a survivor in Alexandria telling Spencer that they found her eaten body, the group has a funeral for her or she is a walker trapped in the house, odds are that something will become of her in the future on the show.

Zombie body with hand on shoulder, The Walking Dead - Instagram
Zombie body with hand on shoulder, The Walking Dead – Instagram /

The biggest teaser that we’ll have something to do with her in the future was an image that was uploaded to The Walking Dead‘s official Instagram account, showing what appears to be Deanna Monroe as a zombie with a hand on her shoulder.

It is easy to assume that this walker is Deanna by the fact she’s wearing the same necklace as in the midseason finale, she’s got her wedding ring on and the black watch is on her wrist.

The Walking Dead is known for some misdirection and red herrings, but it would be a waste of a great character if there wasn’t some kind of call back to her or closure for Spencer. There could be a very emotional moment if Morgan (whose hands those likely are) sees Deanna and struggles to put her down, or if he is bringing her to the attention of Spencer and the other survivors.

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The Walking Dead will return to AMC for a new episode on Sunday, February 21, 2016 at 9 pm/8c for episode 610 of the series, titled “The Next World.” Hopefully, the fate of the former leader of Alexandria, Deanna Monroe, will be uncovered soon.