The Walking Dead: Portrait of a Walker

Walker portrait of Matt Nelson by Dan Winters for Entertainment Weekly.
Walker portrait of Matt Nelson by Dan Winters for Entertainment Weekly. /

Rick Grimes said they are The Walking Dead, but the world would not be in the predicament it is in on the show if not for the word that is never spoken-zombies.

The zombies are the center of the The Walking Dead. The world revolves around them. We must be aware of them at all times. We must hide from them, keep watch for them, adjust every aspect of our living for them. They are in charge.

They have their own brand of beauty and style. They have signature walks as they shuffle down the runways of the continuous outdoor fashion shows of the apocalypse.

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A few walkers took a break from the runway shows to do a photo shoot with a famous photographer for Entertainment Weekly last June. Dan Winters talked about his experience shooting the walkers.

Walker portrait of Matt Nelson by Dan Winters for Entertainment Weekly.
Walker portrait of Matt Nelson by Dan Winters for Entertainment Weekly. /

"“One of the great experiences being on set with the people who produce the show is how incredibly welcoming they were to us.The actors had so much respect for the crew and it seemed like a really chill group of people who were into what they were doing which was making art.”"

One of the coolest parts about writing this blog is somehow I’ve become acquainted with quite a few of the walkers from the show through Twitter, Facebook and more recently I attended a viewing party for the midseason premiere in Atlanta. I would concur that they are a very chill group of people.

"“It was so much fun working with Nicotero, because he was off camera giving body directions to his creations since he knows what they do.”“I have no sense what those people really look like. I have no idea. They showed up camera ready, so as far as I was concerned, I received zombies… I was actually shooting zombies because they could not talk. I didn’t have a conversation with one of those people at all.”"

Matt Nelson. Walker. Georgia Tech student.
Matt Nelson. Walker. Georgia Tech student. /

It’s funny, I have had conversations with the walkers and I know what they look like, but I’ve never seen them in person in their make up, only in pictures. I asked one of the walkers who is in one of the photos if I could share his picture with our readers.

The walker in the feature image is Matt Nelson. He has played several walkers. He attends Georgia Tech and studies engineering when he’s not biting survivors or getting killed by them. There he is on the football field.

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I have started to be able to guess who is who sometimes. The walkers look nothing like their human counterparts, but the walkers share some common features with their walker brothers and sisters. It’s a walker mystery.

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