Talking Dead Recap 610: The Next World

Chris Hardwick. Talking Dead. AMC.
Chris Hardwick. Talking Dead. AMC. /

Talking Dead and Chris Hardwick were back to discuss The Walking Dead with 3 guests on the couch: Nathan Fillion, Danai Gurira, Austin Nichols.

Nathan Fillion from Castle is a super fan of The Walking Dead. Danai Gurira plays Michonne and Austin Nichols is Deanna’a son Spencer.

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Rick and Michonne was the first topic. Danai said the she was surprised, but it was natural. They did not rehearse the kiss. Andrew Lincoln said he was very surprised when he read the script. He just thought that his mom would be so happy!

Nathan Fillion was a perfect fit to match the humor of the episode. He’s a smart fan who knows what’s going on, but he also added levity to the discussion.

We had the In Memoriam for walkers, including Deanna, and quizzes as always along with behind-the-scenes interviews. Fan art of Michonne was featured. The gift for the studio audience was a zombie preparedness kit inside a water bottle.

Austin Nichols told a beautiful story about Carl and Michonne and how they helped Spencer’s character. He also told a funny story about Tovah and how she loves to rehearse and how he had to dodge her and close his eyes to avoid seeing her as a walker. He wanted to see her for the first time in a fresh take.

Super Richonne shipper Yvette Nicole Brown was the fan question asker and got a pack of mints. She was caught on video reacting to the  Rick and Michonne scene. It was quite funny and adorable. Danai answered her question of what she has to say to all the shippers by teasingly asking them leave her alone now.

She said she always had to play it cool to not put pressure on her bosses that she wanted it to happen. She complimented Scott Gimple in planning it out and putting in hints and making it happen naturally over time.

Twitter reactions to the Rick and Daryl bromance and refreshing nature of the comedy on the episode were fun to hear. This was a great panel. Danai always has great insights. Nathan and Austin both had good thoughts and the discussion had the perfect mix of staying on topic without being too serious.

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We ended with a sneak peek of next week’s episode. Of course, it showed nothing. Maggie and Glenn were talking about the tomatoes not growing yet. Maggie, Lauren Cohan, will be on Talking Dead next week.