Walker Stalker Con London was a roaring success

WSC London 2016; Photo Credit: Michaela Sent, 2016
WSC London 2016; Photo Credit: Michaela Sent, 2016 /

After watching enviously as the phenomenon known as Walker Stalker Con has roamed the United States for the past several years, the rest of the world finally had a turn to share in the excitement. This weekend London was the lucky city to host the first installment of this mega event to be held outside of the US. To say that it was a major success seems like it would be an understatement.

Those of us who were not lucky enough to attend WSC London could only watch as a tidal wave of pictures appeared on social media, and my first thought was that it was a very good thing the crowd there was not made up on actual walkers. From the looks of things, the resulting herd would likely have rivaled the one trapped in the quarry at the beginning of season 6.

WSC London 3.png
WSC London 3.png /

As always at such an event, lines were insane, this time possibly more so than at any past con if the pictures of the venue were any indication. It was not unheard of for attendees to stand in line for two or more hours for autographs and table pictures, only to be told to “come back later” because the star (in the specific case that was reported to me, this happened to fans standing in Melissa McBride’s line, though I’m sure there were many others) would be leaving the table for the time being.

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Of course, this is a normal occurrence at cons. The stars need breaks. They need to eat. They have photo ops scheduled. And the lines can seem never ending. But apparently in order to even get in Norman Reedus’ line this time around, you had to have a VIP pass, which to my knowledge, was unprecedented.

It makes you wonder about the optimum number of tickets that Walker Stalker Con can afford to sell without diminishing the experience for those who attend.

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WSC London 2
WSC London 2 /

Still, despite any hiccups that may have occurred, all indications – as far as those of us who were


lucky enough to be there know – seem to point to the fact that it was a great event.