Walking Dead S06E10 Preview: ‘The Next World’

Walking Dead S06E10 Preview: 'The Next World': Jessie/Rick - Image Credit: AMC/Screencapped.net - Raina
Walking Dead S06E10 Preview: 'The Next World': Jessie/Rick - Image Credit: AMC/Screencapped.net - Raina /

It felt like a dream sequence last week on The Walking Dead… But it wasn’t. It was all too real. Beyond real. Surreal and out of this world. Foreshadowing changed nothing. Literally jaw dropping.

The Surreal Dead

All you could was helplessly watch. Just like Rick. Completely like Rick. A bystander. Then they were gone. The most influential characters of Season 6 ripped away in a bare instant. All that planning, pointless. The montage of Rick’s interactions with Jessie playing back like a greatest hits of an album shelved after the first hit single. Forever a what-if. Forever a tragedy. It was definitely the episode of what-if’s.

Sam brought out the best from Melissa McBride, a defining unforgettable scene for Carol. It was fitting Sam would take part in another ground breaking scene. One recalling flashbacks of Carol’s infamous conversation. Just think of how rare you witness a character of Sam’s age in this kind of scene, practically never. It’s a network/studio nightmare, yet The Walking Dead did not censor or sacrifice one bit of their story. They stayed true to their roots. The only time one can even recall such a scene in recent times is in the second Alien Vs Predator film.

Talking Dead Vote: “A Softer, Kinder Rick”

For those that caught Talking Dead last week after the premiere you might have noticed a certain vote. One asking what the biggest threat on The Walking Dead now was: Negan, A Softer Kinder Rick… Jessie fundamentally changed Rick for the better. Meeting her gave Rick rediscovered purpose. Her influence repaired the damage done by Lori to Rick’s psyche.

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In the beginning days Rick hesitated until forced to act in the case of an increasingly unstable rival in Shane. He reacted rather than acted. Then thanks to Hershel he started believing in the power of reason/peaceful negotiation. He mistook his rival again in The Governor.

The new Rick that had Jessie rediscovered what he was capable of individually. Without depending on the actions of others, both friend and enemy. Hopefully he doesn’t revert back at a time when a potential ruthless rival looms.


“Law of Averages Gotta Catch Up”

Will tonight be the night the core group runs out of luck. Sure sounds like an ominous quote by Rick, the preview teaser this week barely reveled much. Except that Daryl losing his crossbow has caused him to regain his old composure and demeanor. Almost reminiscent of Merle in that clip. Daryl was awesome in that opening scene last week, set the tone immediately the rest of the away. Action hero style is making a comeback through The Walking Dead! Channeling a classic era. First it was Carol going Rambo on the Wolves and then Daryl’s surprise last week.


Speaking of the Wolves, their leader will be missed. It was a shame he didn’t simply escape as he was an excellent character. Had great charisma from the first introduction back with Morgan and and a unique nature for a character portrayed as a villain. His first selfless act cost him his life in the end. He was right all along at becoming a wolf being a necessity. Being ‘wolf-less’ changed the course of his life, one lapse in judgement was enough.

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A what-if, but it would been throughly fascinating if he had changed the nurse to be a wolf after all. Gone much too quick just like Jessie.

Tonight’s Walking Dead episode ‘The Next World’ on AMC is just hours away!

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