The Walking Dead: Wonder how Carol feels about Jesus

Jesus The Walking Dead 610. AMC.
Jesus The Walking Dead 610. AMC. /

We haven’t seen Carol Peletier on The Walking Dead since Alexandria managed to handle the huge herd. She isn’t in any of the teasers. What might Carol make of Jesus.

It’s probably a good thing for this Jesus cat that Carol wasn’t along on the supply run or his character would have lasted one episode like Carter. Poof. Here and gone. No fun Benny Hill videos for social media.

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That’s a fun, but not totally fair assessment. Carol shot and killed all the wolves on sight because they had attacked. They had invaded Alexandria and killed people. They were an immediate danger. She considered them a threat no matter if they were tied up and docile at the time.

As badass as Carol is, and the fans love her for it, all the killing is hard on the heart. We haven’t seen her since she killed Mr, Wolf. She’s had a few months of regular life. She lost little Sam that night. She’s lost a lot of children that she loved.

I wonder if she’s doing any healing. Is she getting any support from anyone? I hope they let us know how Carol is doing after all of this. We need to see more of her outside of her Rambo side.

What will she make of Jesus? Will she be upset with Daryl and Rick for bringing him inside the walls? Will it make her question Rick’s leadership ability as she has in the past? We don’t know how Carol feels about new Alexandria yet.

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead — AMC /

Morgan has challenged Carol’s thoughts and her healing from her losses. Maybe Jesus will have the same effect. When Carol told Morgan he was keeping the Wolf alive for himself, it made her stop. She realized that all the killing she does is for herself.

It’s not selfish. She wants to help the group and save people. But it does something for her. It keeps her busy. It helps her feel empowered and useful. She was once powerless and a burden.

Carol asked Daryl once why he was so intent on finding Sophia. At first he said he really believed she was alive. Then he said that the truth was he had nothing else to do.

Carol really has nothing else to do. None of them do. In order to survive they have to fill their time with some sort of mission. When they were out there, there was no time to grieve or to heal. Just to keep focused on the mission.

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Now that they are protected they have to be careful. You can’t let yourself relax and get too comfortable in hobbies or you’ll get weak, like the Alexandrians. The walkers are still out there. Lack of food is still a problem. Potential enemies are a problem.

Will Carol see Jesus as an enemy and want to dispatch with him immediately? Or will she be more patient and want to know more about his group and what’s out there to assess the situation.

I like that Carol is not alive in the comics so people can’t boss me around and tell me that if I’d just read the comics I’d know what’s going on or how Jesus and Carol interact in the comics! (Hee hee)

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Carol should be a huge factor in the rest of the season. I have not seen her ever mentioned on people’s potential Lucille lists. That would be heartbreaking, too. And quite a twist. But Negan could see her as a huge threat.