Talking Dead 611 Recap: Knots Untie

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Talking Dead. AMC /

Lauren Cohan, Kid Cudi, and surprise guest Tom Payne sat on therapist Chris Hardwick’s Talking Dead couch after this episode of The Walking Dead.

They wasted no time getting right into the discussion about the episode with Chris Hardwick going down the line asking questions to get the conversation rolling.

Tom Payne considers Jesus smoothest operator on the Hilltop community. He lets Gregory get away with things because he’d just be annoying otherwise. He thinks Jesus has more sway than it seems. Gregory just needs to be finessed.

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Lauren Cohan and Kid Cudi (Scott) were happy with Maggie stepping up and negotiating when Rick made the very appropriate and self-aware decision not to deal with Gregory.

Scott talked about how it worries him that they are so eager to get in there and fight Negan. Scott was a fun guest. He said he loves seeing the family with the baby and was hoping for Rick to be able to give Carl a big hug before they left for the hilltop, but he understands it’s not like that on The Walking Dead. 

Michonne, Jesus, RIck Grimes and Maggie Greene - The Walking Dead, AMC
Michonne, Jesus, RIck Grimes and Maggie Greene – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Did you know there are snake wranglers that check the fields every day before the cast gets there so the actors and camera people don’t have snakes surprising them when they are filming? Well, they do. We saw a little clip of one of the wranglers doing some checking.

As always, there were pop quizzes, polls, inside information, in memoriam segments and some behind-the scenes interviews. We got a look at the hilltop set.

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The fan questioner at the mic got a little Jesus costume (beard, wig, beanie) and a sonogram. He asked Tom if Jesus was still knocked out in the car on the way back to Alexandria. Tom said he was probably just pretending at that point and both Jesus and Rick were enjoying having Jesus lean up against Daryl. The audience got very nifty Rick Grimes backpacks.

Greg, a fan and a teacher, won the contest for the “regular person” who will be on the Talking Dead couch on a few weeks. I think that will be interesting; we’ve all wanted to be on that couch.  A dog in a Carl Grimes costume was cosplayer picture of the week.

The sneak peek showed Rick laying out the plan to the group in the church and the group’s faces as they listened. Rick gave a “speak now or forever hold your peace” type moment and boom. That’s all we see.

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Next week Alanna Masterson (Tara), Ross Marquand (Aaron), and comedian JB. Smoove join the show. No surprise guests are scheduled for the halfway point of the second half of season six as we get closer to meeting Negan.