The Walking Dead episode 612: Not Tomorrow Yet preview videos

Tara Chambler, Daryl Dixon, and Denise Cloyd - The Walking Dead, AMC
Tara Chambler, Daryl Dixon, and Denise Cloyd - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Episode 612 of The Walking Dead is titled “Not Tomorrow Yet” and has two official preview videos for fans of AMC’s zombie drama to whet their appetite.

AMC’s popular zombie survival drama The Walking Dead is inching closer and closer to a conflict with The Saviors. Last week, Jesus brought the people of Alexandria to The Hilltop to meet with their leader Gregory. However, things didn’t as smoothly as they would have hoped.

Gregory was hesitant to negotiate a fair deal with Maggie, but an incident between The Saviors and The Hilltop caused him to reconsider his situation. But it didn’t come without a high cost, as now Rick and the rest of the people from Alexandria are taxed with getting one member of The Hilltop’s group back from Negan’s men in order to earn their trade.

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Thankfully, the folks over at AMC have two preview videos to help fans of The Walking Dead prepare for what they will get from episode 612, titled “Not Tomorrow Yet” which will air on March 6, 2016. Let’s take a look at both videos.

The first video is the one that aired immediately after The Walking Dead‘s episode last week. Here is that video from the official AMC YouTube account:

This is one of the fast paced videos that AMC is known for which shows a lot of moments from the upcoming episode. It starts with the RV driving down the road, passing rusted out and abandoned vehicles while a voiceover from Rick Grimes explains the threat that The Saviors are. The next scene is the people in Alexandria’s church who are listening to Rick’s speech, while some don’t seem to agree with what he’s saying. After that, a map is shown being drawn out to plan an attack followed by Alexandria’s team getting out of their vehicles on the road before sneaking through a broken down building with their weapons drawn as Rick says “We have to fight.”

The next video was seen on AMC’s Talking Dead as well as on The Walking Dead Story Sync on, but here is the video as hosted on AMC’s YouTube account:

This teaser focuses on the speech that Rick is giving to the people of Alexandria to prepare them for the upcoming conflict with The Saviors. He tells them that they can “work with” The Hilltop to take out Negan’s group. In exchange for helping them, they’ll get eggs, butter, vegetables and more. He also explains that The Saviors  the same people who were going to kill Daryl, Sasha and Abraham.

Rick’s speech is motivational, but Morgan seems very hesitant to buy into it. Attacking people is something he doesn’t believe in, especially if it isn’t in self-defense. Rick says it will be a group decision and opens the floor to anyone who objects to speak their piece.

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Don’t miss The Walking Dead when it airs episode 612 titled “Not Tomorrow Yet” on Sunday, March 6, 2016. It will be interesting to see if there are any objections to the deal that Maggie and Rick made with Gregory at The Hilltop and how Alexandria will react to the things they must do.