Talking Dead 611 Bonus: Tom Payne explains Jesus’ clothes

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The bonus segment of Talking Dead gives us 3 topics from fan questions to each guest on the couch after episode 611 of The Walking Dead.

Every week after Chris Hardwick says goodbye to us, the studio audience gets treated to a few more answers to fan questions from the guests for the bonus segment to be aired on AMC a little later in the week.

This week’s guests were Scott “Kid Cudi”, Lauren Cohan, and surprise guest Tom Payne. Chris had an extra question for each of the guests in the bonus segment.

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Scott said he would be like Daryl in an apocalypse. He would be a good right hand man. Chris Hardwick, bless his honest heart (in the true sense), said he identifies with Sam! “MOM!” Thank you, Chris, for defending Sam against the laughers!

Lauren Cohan let us know that there will be a little shake up in the duties of the group members. She didn’t commit to Maggie becoming the next Deanna or “mayor”, but did say she will be taking care of some  managerial matters.

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Maggie’s dad, and in turn Maggie and Beth, used to always say, “We all have jobs to do,” and Deanna gave all the Alexandrians jobs. There’s something to the idea of giving people responsibility and purpose to help things go smoothly when you have a mission.

A sense of identity, purpose and responsibility may also serve some larger purpose in survival. A sense of belonging. That you’re pulling your weight. You’re worthy of being protected.

Tom gave some great intel in a quick answer about Jesus. It seems Jesus has a little different story about arriving at Hilltop than most of its residents; that will be fun to learn. He is very savvy with sizing people up. He wants to see good in people. (YAY!)

His choice of clothing is practical. He’s a physical zombie killer. He needs to cover his skin to protect against bites. It’s funny, many times people ask why the survivors don’t cover their skin to protect from bites, weapons, and nature; now people want to know why Jesus wears so many clothes.

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Watch the clip to hear the answers in the voices of the guests. Next week on Talking Dead, Ross Marquand, Alanna Masterson and JB Smoove join Mr. Hardwick to talk The Walking Dead episode 612 as Rick tales the plan back to Alexandria.