The Walking Dead: Cudlitz wants Dallas to make pancakes

Bisquick /

Abraham Ford has uttered some classic lines. Last week he may have surpassed even dolphin smooth. Bisquick and pancakes will never be the same for fans of The Walking Dead.

Judith is little asskicker. Maggie and Glenn’s baby is a little pancake! And Abraham wanted to know if they were trying to make pancakes or if the Bisquick just hopped in the pan. Gives new meaning to IHOP.

It didn’t take long for memes of Abraham’s face on boxes of Bisquick to pop up on the Internet along with sonograms with little pancakes. The Walking Dead is a dark and often tragic show, but the fans and the cast have a great sense of humor about it in the meme world and when discussing it.

Many of the cast members are active on social media and at the conventions. Michael Cudlitz appears often at Walker Stalker cons. This weekend he will be in Dallas meeting fans, taking photos and signing autographs along with over 25 guests from The Walking Dead.

Tonight on Twitter, Michael tossed out a challenge to those fans going to Dallas. A Bisquick challenge. He will donate any boxes of Bisquick that fans bring to the convention to a local charity.

Such a fun idea! A way to contribute to a charity and start conversation with fans while standing in line waiting for your photo or autograph with Michael or just spark a conversation with any fan at the con about a great line in the show. Bisquick as an icebreaker!

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Michael may need Olivia there to keep the pantry of Bisquick organized and keep inventory of the huge supply that may pile up like a stack of pancakes at his booth.

Good luck with your Bisquick challenge-The Dallas Edition, Mr.Cudlitz. Great idea. 3/4/16: UPDATE: According to a new Tweet, BISQUICK has donated 1000 boxes of Bisquick to Michael’s challenge.